A.S.A.P. tak­ing back un­wanted pre­scrip­tions


On April 26 from 10 a. m. to 2 p. m. ASAP and the Drug En­force­ment Ad­min­ist rat ion ( DEA) wil l g ive the publ ic its eighth op­por tu­nity in three years to pre­vent pill abuse and thef t by r id­ding thei r homes of po­tent ially dan­ger­ous expi red, un­used, and un­wanted pre­scr iption drugs. Bring your pills for dis­posal to the Spr in­gvi l le Li­brar y at 45 South Main. ( The DEA can not ac­cept liq­uids or nee­dles or shar ps, only pills or patches.) The ser­vice is free and anony­mous, no ques­tions asked.

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