From Sue­marie La­maker


I just picked one up a copy in early March and I was happy for your growth- l ike a blos­som­ing f lower. I loved al l the color d i s t r ibuted among the pages.

What I so en­joy is all the pos­i­tive, good hap­pen­ings that you re­port on. What a ref resh­ing news read and the ar t icles are wel l wr it ten with sen­si­tiv­ity- not ab­sent minded rote facts.

And of c ou r s e I love d you r pat r iot ic of fer ings. I r emem­ber how pas sionat e you we re about c ommu n i c a t i ng you r love a nd sup­por t for the const itut ion. This i s a g reat way for you to s e r ve your count r y and bring t ruth to the fo­cus of cit­i­zens of this com­mu­nity. Thank you for do­ing jus t tha t . I love it.

I a l s o took close not e to the ar ticle ti­tled “The Law of Let ting Go” Then I d is­cov­ered tha t the Chr is that wrote it was YOU.

I loved “all things art springville” Wha t a g r e a t ide a . How about a fo­cus on lo­cal a r t i s ts who a r e blos­som­ing?

Wish we could get a lo­cal owner of an empty build­ing to al­low lo­cal ar tists to show their work.

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