How Us­ing The Wrong Printer Car­tridges Can Cost You More

Serve Daily - - PARADE OF GEMS - By Ir­win Brooks

With the high cost of ink and toner car t r idges, many people are look­ing for a less ex­pen­sive al­ter­na­tive. The in­ter­net is full of un­be­liev­able low cost of fers. How­ever, caveat emp­tor or buyer be­ware. Those low cost ink or toner ca r t r idges may cost you more money in the long run un­less you buy smar t. Let me ex­plain.

Laser Toner Car t r idges: A poor qualit y toner car t r idge can kil l a per­fectly good printer. Leaky toner car t r idges may coat the in­side of the p r i nt e r w i th tone r powde r, thereby shor ting out elect ronic cir­cuits. At the very least, the leaky toner car t r idge causes di r ty- look­ing , toner- dus ted pages tha t jus t look bad and un­pro­fes­sional.

Tech­ni­cally, toner is a very f ine pow­der y sub­stance that is melted onto the paper to form the page im­age. As the paper rolls un­der the car t r idge, the im­age is ap­plied to it. It is com­mon for poor qual­ity toner car t ridges to have un­changed and worn out par ts that leak toner t h roug h t h e c r i t ic a l wip e r s o r sea l s . Thi s toner i s then ca r r ied by the paper and pr in­ter cool ing fa n s t h rough­out t he pr i nter. At the very least this con­dit ion wi l l cause paper jams and those pre­vi­ously men­tioned poor qual­ity print­outs. If lef t un­cor rected, it could ul­ti­mately cause a printer fail­ure. Re­pairs of a laser pr in­ter f rom a bad or low qualit y toner car t r idge are not prac­ti­cal since re­pairs are fre­quently more ex­pen­sive than the printer re­place­ment costs.

What do you do when you get a poor qualit y toner car t r idge? Most people never con­tact the seller or go to the t rou­ble to send it back ( at thei r ex­pense). They just re­place it. Now think about al l the t ime, ex­pense and t rou­ble that car t r idge caused be­cause due to cut ting cor­ners by the man­u­fac­turer to pro­vide the cheap­est pos­si­ble price. How­ever cheap the prod­uct, the REAL cost was way more. So, the les­son her e i s to buy qual it y car t r idges f rom a lo­cal, pro­fes­siona l inkjet and toner re­man­u­fac­ture com­pany like Iguana Inks & Toner.

( In the next is­sue, learn how poor qual­ity inkjet printer car­tridges can also cost you more.)

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