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Serve Daily - - PARADE OF GEMS - By Chris Baird

Re­mem­ber to be­lieve in yourself and trust in your God to em­power you to reach your worth­while dreams. The mind is a pow­er­ful tool and all too of­ten we un­der use it as we lull away with count­less hours of video games, movies, and other idle time.

Use your imag­i­na­tion, do what you love, and cre­ate the WORLD that you want to live in. Yes, things will go wrong. Yes, people will con­tinue to try to con­troll you. Yes, life will be an up­hill bat­tle. But, you can imag­ine a world where people love and serve each other, you can be­come that per­son that loves and serves oth­ers, and those people will more likely be­come the same.

Af­ter all we are crea­tures of habit and crea­tures that fol­low those things that are go­ing on around us. As we, in­di­vid­u­ally cre­ate pos­i­tive things around us, they will con­tinue to

This is what I imag­ine. I imag­ine a city that has lit­tle to no taxes. I imag­ine a city that when the people want some­thing, they raise funds by do­na­tions to pay for it. I see a city that un­der­stands love and char­ity and acts upon it.

I hope that you can imag­ine this as well and that we can achieve in­di­vid­ual lib­erty, so that ALL people can reach their dreams with­out un­just hin­der­ance on their own keep.

Un­til next time, go do a Ran­dom Act of Kind­ness!

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