Nebo Ed­u­ca­tion Foun­da­tion gives grants March 2014

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Springville High – Heidi Is­raelsen “Thank you so much to the Nebo Ed­u­ca­tion Foun­da­tion for fund­ing a grant to pur­chase stools for the ceram­ics pro­gram at Spr in­gvi l le Hig h S ch o ol! Through some pret ty amaz­ing event s this year, we have been able to equip SHS with a ful l pot ter y lab in­clud­ing 16 pot tery wheels, 2 k i lns, many glazes and other nec­es­sar y equip­ment. Springville High has cre­ated a space for all the equip­ment that has been suppl ied by Spr in­gvi l le High School , Spr ing vi l le Com­muni ty Ed­u­cat ion pro­gram, and now the Nebo Edu c a t ion Fou ndat ion,” said Heid i Is­raelsen, a r t teacher at Spr in­gville High. “With the ad­di­tion of the stools that are be­ing funded through the g rant , we a re one step closer to hav­ing one of, if not the most ex­ten­sive pot tery labs in Nebo School District. These stools will f in­ish off the lab space and pro­vide a safe and com­for ta­ble ex­per ience for those learn­ing the skill of pot tery. This lab wi l l se r ve hun­dreds of SHS stu­dents and Spr in­gville Com­mu­nity Ed­u­ca­tion stu­dents each year, we are able to of­fer pot ter y to the res­i­dents of Springville. Thank you again for the Foun­da­tion’s gen­er­ous do­na­tion!”

Cherry Creek Robert Mundinger, coun­selor at Cher ry Creek El­e­men­tary, said, “WOW, Chr ist­mas came early!! I am so ex­cited and grate­ful that I was awarded a g rant f rom the Nebo Foun­da­tion to help in the pur­chase of an iPad. As a school coun­selor, there is some­thing quite lib­er­at­ing about the ac­cess to in­for­mat ion that this de­vice gives me. No longer am I t ied to a desk­top in or­der to ac­cess stu­dent in­for­mat ion, co­or­di­nate sched­ules, or uti­lize tech­nol­ogy. One of the most valu­able re­sults f rom the pur­chas­ing of an iPad will be the abil­ity of not hav­ing to walk the stu­dent back to the off ice in or­der to inst ruct. It is l ike hav­ing an of f ice on the go, t hu s c reat i ng more t i me to fo­cus on stu­dent sup­port ser­vices. In clos­ing, I can’t ex­press the joy I felt when I saw fr iends and col­leagues gather a round to present this award to me. This pre­sen­ta­tion is yet an­other val idat ion that we t r uly work for a great dist r ict.”

Lana Hiskey

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