Un­der­stand­ing Lib­erty

Li­cen­sure/Per­mit Law’s Ero­sion of Rights

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Do we live in a land of free­dom and in­di­vid­ual rights, or do we live in a feu­dal­ized land of in­creas­ing servi­tude and priv­i­leges with a façade of free­dom? We are told in our found­ing and gov­ern­ing documents that each in­di­vid­ual has cer­tain un­alien­able rights, “that among these are life, lib­erty, and the pur­suit of hap­pi­ness,” to quote the Dec­la­ra­tion of In­de­pen­dence. But, our cur­rent lo­cal, state, and federal cir­cum­stances make it quite clear to a rea­son­able mind that we do not live in the land of free­dom and rights we like to boast of, but one that has an in­creas­ing tinge of feu­dal servi­tude and priv­i­leges. The grow­ing epi­demic of li­cen­sure law and per­mit re­quire­ments to ex­er­cise our rights demon­strates this, un­der which all of these three core rights aren’t ac­tu­ally seen as rights by U.S. gov­ern­ments, but in­stead are seen by govern­ment as priv­i­leges, dolled out ac­cord­ing to it’s will and plea­sure, able to be de­nied ex­er­cis­ing when deemed in­con­ve­nient to/by govern­ment. Let’s look at the par­tic­u­lars.

All of our rights are in­ti­mately con­nected with one an­other, and are in no way mu­tu­ally exclusive, nor can they be con­tra­dic­tory. The three core rights of life, lib­erty, and the pur­suit of hap­pi­ness are no ex­cep­tion. These three core rights are large um­brel­las that in­clude num­ber­less other fun­da­men­tal rights, both nat­u­ral and civil. These other rights, to name a few, are the right to main­tain one’s health ac­cord­ing to one’s own hon­est ini­tia­tive; the right to work in one’s cho­sen pro­fes­sion and thus earn a liv­ing; the right to ac­quire and con­sume food by our own hon­est, ini­tia­tive; the right to seek shel­ter, ac­quire property, and build one’s shel­ter ac­cord­ing to his needs and de­sires; the right to pro­tect one’s life against un­just vi­o­lence and harm against it, or the at­tempt to take it from the in­di­vid­ual, us­ing any means or tools pos­si­ble that do not harm in­no­cent by­standers in the process of us­ing them; and the right to travel un­in­hib­ited us­ing any means pos­si­ble. All of these rights, along with all of our other rights, can­not be used in a way to un­justly harm the same, equal rights of oth­ers, for there is no such right to harm oth­ers un­justly.

Sim­ple rea­son and logic tell us that these are in­deed rights and not priv­i­leges, in­fringe-able by no hu­man be­ing or hu­man govern­ment ex­cept as just pun­ish­ment for crimes com­mit­ted against the equal rights of oth­ers af­ter a fair trial has found one guilty of such crime, as de­manded by the law of jus­tice and by our rights as hu­man in­di­vid­u­als. Our wise Found­ing Fa­thers told us so, and the scrip­tures in­di­cate this quite clearly as well (D&C 134).

But, all of the afore­men­tioned rights cur­rently re­quire govern­ment li­censes and per­mits in some way or an­other, and are thus by ne­ces­sity of govern­ment per­mis­sion to ex­er­cise them eroded from their sa­cred sta­tus as God given rights, in­her­ent in our hu­man­ity, and made into mere priv­i­leges by the dif­fer­ent usurp­ing gov­ern­ments of the United States.

We must have govern­ment li­censes/ per­mits in or­der to work in many pro­fes­sional fields, the num­ber of which is grow­ing rapidly. We must have per­mits to form a con­trac­tual re­la­tion­ship with the in­di­vid­ual we love and form a bond with them re­li­giously. Reli­gions must have per­mits to be able to form these con­trac­tual re­la­tion­ships and per­form re­li­gious rites of mar­riage. We must have per­mits to ex­er­cise our free­doms of as­sem­bly and speech in many lo­cal­i­ties in Amer­ica. We must have per­mits to build or add to our shel­ters on our hon­estly and justly ac­quired property. We must have per­mits to leave and re-en­ter our own na­tion. In many states, we must have per­mits to pur­chase and own firearms, the best tech­nol­ogy of de­fense avail­able; we must have per­mits to carry those weapons of de­fense con­cealed. Many businesses must ob­tain businesses li­censes just to ex­ist, and then must have additional per­mits to sell cer­tain items, such as firearms/other weaponry, food, and drugs, among other things. We must have per­mits to travel within and be­tween states via air­line or car. It’s only a mat­ter of time be­fore per­mits are re­quired to travel by train and bus as well. For travel by car, we must first kneel and grovel be­fore the almighty state to pe­ti­tion for a driver’s li­cense, prov­ing we know how to op­er­ate a ve­hi­cle ac­cord­ing to how govern­ment sees fit, which may not ac­tu­ally be the best and safest way to op­er­ate a ve­hi­cle in the first place. In­deed, The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled time and again that each Amer­i­can in­di­vid­ual main­tains a “fun­da­men­tal right to travel” un­in­hib­ited. Yet how can we main­tain this “fun­da­men­tal RIGHT to travel” un­in­hib­ited while we are re­quired by “law” to grovel for a per­mis­sion slip to ex­er­cise this right via the most ef­fi­cient meth­ods pos­si­ble, i.e. by car? If the govern­ment is al­lowed to re­quire us to pros­trate our­selves be­fore it and pay a fee in or­der get a per­mis­sion slip to travel by car, then our “fun­da­men­tal right to travel” is no right at all!

As has been shown by just a few brief ex­am­ples, we live in an age in Amer­ica where we need per­mits to ex­er­cise our most sa­cred, fun­da­men­tal, and core rights. We are surely kid­ding our­selves if we sincerely be­lieve our­selves free, pos­sess­ing “cer­tain in­alien­able rights” when we must have govern­ment per­mis­sion slips to be able to ex­er­cise them. We are told in D&C 98:8 that our Cre­ator has made us free and there­fore we are in­deed free; if we do not need God’s per­mis­sion to act ac­cord­ing to our agency and given our agency, then we need no man’s per­mis­sion to be free and act, ex­er­cis­ing our rights as we please, so long as we harm no one’s equal rights in the process.

We live un­der a regime that has the façade of free­dom and rights, some of which are still pro­tected, to be sure, but in ac­tu­al­ity is be­com­ing one more of feu­dal servi­tude and priv­i­lege, not much un­like feu­dal Eng­land when a king and his no­bil­ity ruled over the serfs. In our case, our king is the federal govern­ment, the no­bil­ity is the states and the lo­cal gov­ern­ments, and we are the serfs. What makes our sit­u­a­tion even more sick­en­ing is that we have vol­un­tar­ily erected this feu­dal govern­ment, and have al­lowed to it to con­tinue, all be­cause we fail to re­mem­ber that old Mor­mon Creed: mind your own busi­ness.

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