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Camp Maple Dell is a won­der­ful camp that pro­vides great scout­ing op­por­tu­ni­ties to many Boy Scouts each summer. The lake at the camp has been used for swim­ming, ca­noe­ing, and the ever beloved boat wars at the end of the week. How­ever, over the last few years the lake was over­taken by “cat tails” and part of the lake be­came use­less, full of snakes, and other un­safe con­di­tions. And now for a lit­tle his­tory. Ini­tially, the lake was cre­ated by W.W. Clyde by push­ing the dirt out of its place with bull­doz­ers in the 1950’s. Af­ter roughly 20 years, Dale Bar­ney, was asked to dredge out the lake in 1977. Rod and Keith Bar­ney of Bar­ney Inc. drag-lined the lake again in 1989. (The Bar­ney fam­ily has been run­ning Draglines in Utah County for over 60 years.) For those that don’t know what a Dragline is, its a crane that can cast a bucket up to 150 feet away, slams down into the mud/sludge, and then is pulled to­wards the base fill­ing a two yard bucket full of mud and de­bris. (A stan­dard track­hoe has a 30 foot reach.)

Fast­for­ward about 20 years and the swim­ming pool was re­moved in 2008 be­cause it had a crack in the con­crete. The lake, as men­tioned above had be­came over­run with cat tails, and so the scouts didn’t have a clean place to swim.

Come Jan­uary of 2014, Blake Bar­ney rec­og­nized there was a need and felt the need to head up an ef­fort to cre­ate a great place for the scouts to swim. Us­ing the Dragline Crane and dumptrucks they re­moved around 7,500 yards of mud/de­bris. (About 500 dump trucks at 15 yards per dump truck.) For about four months, Bar­ney, Clyde Co., Sun­roc, In­sid­eSales. com of Provo and oth­ers do­nated much time, money, and ef­forts to re­vamp the lake. Sun­roc do­nated sand and rock to make a nice beach, us­ing fil­ter fab­ric to help pre­vent un­wanted ve­g­ata­tion. In­side Sales pur­chased a nice dock and wa­ter toys for the scouts to play on as well as a ropes course.

Serve Daily would like to THANK ALL of the many com­mu­nity vol­un­teers and com­pa­nies that through the kind­ness of their own hearts chose to do some­thing about the con­di­tion at Camp Maple Dell.

Pho­tos sub­mit­ted by Blake Bar­ney

Camp Maple Dell Lake over run with cat tails Jan­uary 2014.

Blake Bar­ney Draglin­ing the lake at Maple Dell.

The lake at Camp Maple Dell af­ter the 2014 renovations and lake draglin­ing.

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