Serve Daily - - NEWS - By Ly­man Mor­ris

Have you ever been wronged by some­one you know or even you don’t know to well? Have you looked in their eyes with­out say­ing a word and hoped that they soon would taste hell?

Have you prayed Karma’s true and you want to be round when the pen­du­lum swings and their come-up­ping’s found? Well don’t be too hasty, there’s al­ready a plan that gives ev­ery­one back, what they give to man.

The law of the har­vest, “You reap what you sow” Brings ev­ery­thing back, be it friend be it foe. So when you see some­one who’s done a bad deed Know that their plant­ing and har­vest­ing seed.

The trick is to not get caught up in their spite For how you see them will be­come your earned plight. Step back and let go, for­give and for­get For let­ting it go will earn no re­gret.

If you follow this thought, cast it out to the throng You’ll find no one guilty of do­ing you wrong. Your har­vest will al­ways be pleas­ant and sweet And you’ll bless ev­ery soul and com­pan­ion you meet.

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