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As I con­tem­plate the past 35 years of be­ing able to live my pas­sion - that of ex­press­ing my­self and mak­ing a fine liv­ing as a sculp­tor - I can­not help but re­call some of the chal­lenges and even some of the heartaches along the way. So of­ten when we see some­one at the pin­na­cle of their ca­reer or reap­ing the fruits of their labors we are obliv­i­ous to their strug­gles and chal­lenges to get to the top of that par­tic­u­lar moun­tain. And not only that, oft­times those who have made the as­cent, for­get them­selves or un­der­mine their ac­com­plish­ments sim­ply out of be­ing so pas­sion­ate about their de­sires that there could be no other way. There was not even a ques­tion as to mak­ing the jour­ney and ar­riv­ing at their des­ti­na­tion! Those of us that have climbed the peaks and at times ‘waged the wars’ so to speak, also in­ten­tion­ally or sub­con­sciously, block out some of those bat­tles be­cause of their pain and some­times bloody wounds.

For ex­am­ple - as a highly vis­i­ble sculp­tor, oft times my work is pla­gia­rized or copied by those wish­ing to profit from my cre­ativ­ity - to the ex­treme that I’ve had to spend ex­or­bi­tant amounts to not only pro­tect my copy­rights but prove in courts of law that it was my orig­i­nal idea in the first place! Mem­o­ries that have caused me mas­sive dis­cour­age­ment sev­eral years ago, not to men­tion re­sources. It was like, why would I go to such great lengths to come up with highly suc­cess­ful and popular sculp­tures that were de­rived from per­sonal life’s ex­pe­ri­ences, only to have un­scrupu­lous com­pa­nies copy them and then sell them at prices far be­low what I can even pro­duce them for - be­cause I choose to not have them cast in China. And then there are the strug­gles and pres­sures of be­ing re­spon­si­ble for oth­ers liveli­hoods via bi-monthly pay­rolls.

What qual­i­ties would I say one must have who chooses to ‘chase the light’ and follow their dream and pas­sion? Of course the ob­vi­ous would be courage


and ‘stick-to-it-ness’. But the real lynch­pins I would have to say are FAITH and PAS­SION. PAS­SION is that de­sire that can­not be stopped. A very well known con­tem­po­rary of mine once said “I’d sculpt even if it was il­le­gal!” It’s that en­thu­si­asm and deeply soul-rooted DNA that stirs not only one’s own blood - but mankind’s! Bot­tom line though -- one must sim­ply have FAITH in so many things. Some call it hope. Same thing. It’s some­how think­ing that the Uni­verse is not only able, but is go­ing to align a whole bunch of stuff in or­der for some­thing to come to pass. As it says in Paulo Coehlo’s book, THE AL­CHEMIST “the uni­verse ‘con­spires’ to make one’s very clear in­ten­tions hap­pen!”. It’s a daily faith in peo­ple, places, emo­tions, things, etc. etc. Some­times we even re­sort to su­per­sti­tion to get us through the strug­gles. I sim­ply say ‘what­ever it takes’ .... an­gels, mes­sen­gers, higher pow­ers, guardian an­gels, sculp­ture gods - what­ever; I know I can do it, I know it can be done, I know it will turn out. And with each new cre­ation, my faith builds! Gary Lee Price - FNSS

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