Goodbye Fat For­ever!

Serve Daily - - NEWS - By Theresa Ole­sen

We see peo­ple every­day strug­gling with health is­sues and obe­sity. I want to share an ex­pe­ri­ence that demon­strates how I feel when­ever I see peo­ple who may have “tried ev­ery­thing” and lost hope. I want to share be­cause, for over thirty five years, I was that per­son who felt hope­less; the per­son who had tried ev­ery­thing. But not any­more. I found hope, then suc­cess.

Across from me, at the next ta­ble, in a lo­cal restau­rant I saw a woman who looked to be in her thir­ties, eat­ing din­ner with her chil­dren. I had watched the woman walk in, us­ing a cane to steady her­self as she walked on legs swollen at the an­kles to nearly the size of her large thighs. She looked like she was in so much pain, and my heart ached. As the food for her young fam­ily ar­rived, I no­ticed she had or­dered a salad. The chil­dren had or­dered common items for chil­dren of their ages, but her salad- her “healthy choice” from the menu- caught my eye and I nearly cried.

As I said, I had suf­fered for over thirty-five years as a per­son try­ing very hard to get out of a mor­bidly obese body. For­tu­nately for me I did not have the health is­sues this lady ap­peared to have; in fact my doc­tor once com­mented that I was the health­i­est fat per­son he knew. But although my health was good, as I aged I saw my blood pres­sure rise slightly, and with a fam­ily his­tory of di­a­betes I was VERY con­cerned. Nonethe­less, no mat­ter what I tried, I couldn’t lose the weight. Fam­ily mem­bers com­mented that while they un­der­stood the rea­son be­hind their own obe­sity and ill-health, they were mys­ti­fied at why I was so over­weight when I ate so healthy. I too, was mys­ti­fied, dis­cour­aged, and frus­trated. I spent many nights cry­ing on my pil­low.

Then, my daugh­ter asked me to try this pro­gram. I was re­luc­tant to try be­cause noth­ing else had worked, even though I had given other pro­grams 100% ef­fort. There were many other rea­sons for my re­luc­tance, but be­cause I saw it was im­por­tant to her, I promised that I would do it for one month. That was in Jan­uary of 2013. I have lost and kept off 85 lbs. on a pro­gram that ac­tu­ally re­sulted in suc­cess with my 100% ef­fort.

Be­cause I had fi nally found a suc­cess­ful pro­gram, I wanted to shout-out from the moun­tain tops about my in­cred­i­ble ela­tion. I wanted to share that suc­cess with oth­ers, so I de­cided to be­come a health coach (a free ser­vice) for the pro­gram. To that lady in the restau­rant, and to ev­ery per­son who silently cries at night with frus­tra­tion or loss of hope, I want to share my story so you know, THERE IS HOPE!

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