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Serve Daily - - BUILDING COMMUNITY - By Ginny Ack­er­son

One of the fun ways I use to help bond my grand­chil­dren to their an­ces­tors is to play the games that my par­ents and grand­par­ents played with when they were chil­dren. It is even more fun for the kids if they make the toys or games them­selves. Here are the di­rec­tions for a cou­ple of fa­vorites.

Poke a hole into the bot­tom of a plas­tic cup. It should be slightly smaller than the di­am­e­ter of a pen­cil. Tie a 20-inch length of string to a small dowel or a pen­cil on the eraser end and tape over it or hot glue it in place. Pull the string through the hole then push the rod through the hole about one inch from the out­side or bot­tom of the cup. Tape around the out­side of the hole in the cup where the rod is in­serted. This will help hold it in place.

Get a small piece of foil and lay the free end of the string onto the foil and tape it. Shape the foil into a ball around the end of the string. You can also use a but­ton, bead or ping pong ball.

Al­ter­na­tively, take a darn­ing nee­dle, thread it with string, poke it through the bot­tom of the cup from the out­side then tie a knot at the end and ei­ther tape or glue the knot to the bot­tom of the cup. Use a foil ball, but­ton or bead as above. My grand­kids once used large marsh­mal­lows and ate them when they were done play­ing. Now try to get the “ball” in the cup by swing­ing it up and out and catch­ing it in the cup. You can have con­tests to see who catches the most in a minute.

For a Whirly Gig or Buzz Saw, cut a string one yard long. The string is strung through a but­ton or whirly gig’s two cen­ter holes, then the ends are tied. Butcher’s roast string is best. Large but­tons the size of a sil­ver dol­lar work bet­ter than wooden whirly gigs.

This game is played by plac­ing your fin­gers in the ends of the loop of string with the but­ton or whirly gig in the mid­dle. Swing the whirly gig ei­ther away from you or to­ward you un­til the string winds up. As you pull both ends apart the whirly gig will spin. Pull the string apart again and keep pulling it al­ter­nat­ing the whirly gig back forth like a buzz saw.

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