New vend­ing ma­chine of­fers full meals to stu­dents


What was the Span­ish Fork mayor do­ing at Span­ish Fork High School re­cently? Span­ish Fork Mayor Steve Leif­son and Coun­cil­man Rod Dart were eat­ing break­fast from the brand new vend­ing ma­chine. This new vend­ing ma­chine is one of only three in the en­tire state of Utah that serves high school stu­dents. The Utah Dairy Coun­cil and the NFL, as part of the Fuel Up to Play 60 pro­gram, have pro­vided the ma­chine to serve Span­ish Fork High School stu­dents.

This new vend­ing ma­chine pro­vides full re­frig­er­ated meals to stu­dents. Other vend­ing ma­chines pro­vide small gra­nola bars or fruit juice; this ma­chine pro­vides a com­plete, nu­tri­tion­ally bal­anced meal to stu­dents. De­li­cious sand­wiches, wraps, sal­ads and yo­gurt fruit par­faits are of­fered ev­ery day. To pro­vide more va­ri­ety to stu­dents, the meals of­fered in this ma­chine are dif­fer­ent from the daily cafe­te­ria op­tions.

Stu­dents are very busy, es­pe­cially dur­ing their lunch break. This new vend­ing ma­chine of­fers a nu­tri­tious fast “grab and go” op­tion to stu­dents. Stu­dents do not need to en­ter the cafe­te­ria to pur­chase a full meal. This can cut down on con­ges­tion or wait time while of­fer­ing a com­plete nu­tri­tion­ally bal­anced meal. Also, stu­dents who have missed a regular lunch ser­vice or did not have a chance to get a meal while off cam­pus can ac­cess the ma­chine af­ter the lunch hour.

One of the most popular items of­fered in the vend­ing ma­chine is a fruit and yo­gurt par­fait. De­li­cious low fat vanilla yo­gurt is lay­ered with 100 per­cent fruit puree and topped with a crunchy oat and toasted almond gra­nola. In just the first few days of op­er­a­tion, the par­fait’s sales in­creased over 300 per­cent.

To pur­chase a meal, a stu­dent will en­ter their stu­dent ID num­ber and birth­day into a key­pad. Any stu­dent who qual­i­fies for a free or re­duced meal will en­ter their num­ber and be able to ac­cess a meal for the qual­i­fied price. Af­ter the num­ber is en­tered, the stu­dent can choose from the of­fered se­lec­tion. Af­ter a stu­dent makes their se­lec­tion, a small au­to­matic door opens for 17-20 sec­onds and they can pull out a meal from a small re­frig­er­ated com­part­ment.

You’ll love our fresh ap­proach to nu­tri­tious food. Nebo School Dis­trict works hard to pro­vide de­li­cious op­tions that are also nu­tri­tious. When it comes to nu­tri­tion, Nebo School Dis­trict turns to their res­i­dent nu­tri­tion ex­pert, their di­etetic in­tern. The cur­rent in­tern is Michelle An­der­son. She grad­u­ated with her bach­e­lor’s of science de­gree in di­etet­ics from Brigham Young Uni­ver­sity and is cur­rently en­rolled in Utah State Uni­ver­sity’s di­etetic in­tern­ship pro­gram. An­der­son is pre­par­ing to be­come a Reg­is­tered Di­eti­tian and Nutri­tion­ist. Di­etetic in­terns have stud­ied ev­ery­thing from anatomy, phys­i­ol­ogy and nu­tri­tional bio­chem­istry to food ser­vice op­er­a­tions and cog­ni­tive be­hav­ioral ther­apy. This aca­demic prepa­ra­tion helps en­able RDNs to un­der­stand nu­tri­tion not only from a thor­ough sci­en­tific per­spec­tive, but also from a re­al­is­tic per­spec­tive to im­ple­ment nu­tri­tional changes that are fea­si­ble for the public and in­sti­tu­tions. Di­etetic in­terns spend over 1,000 hours work­ing in su­per­vised ro­ta­tions to bet­ter un­der­stand and ap­ply their knowl­edge to the public.

The cur­rent in­tern Michelle An­der­son is able to lend a science-based nu­tri­tion per­spec­tive to food ser­vice op­er­a­tions and menu items. An­der­son works in con­junc­tion with the ex­pe­ri­enced and tal­ented Nebo School Dis­trict Food Ser­vice Depart­ment in­clud­ing Bill Vest (food ser­vice direc­tor), Angie All­phin (free and re­duced tech­ni­cian), Camille Canto (food ser­vice co­or­di­na­tor) and Lori Cat­mull (food ser­vice co­or­di­na­tor). The meals in the new vend­ing ma­chine are rich in whole grains and lean pro­tein and of­fer fruits and veg­eta­bles while also lim­it­ing sat­u­rated fat and sodium.

*** Be­tween stim­u­lus and re­sponse there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our re­sponse. In our re­sponse lies our growth and our free­dom. - Vik­tor E. Frankl

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