Back to school in Au­gust? No!


and binders and fold­ers and all of that stuff. She’ll fill her shop­ping cart full of things “for my stu­dents,” not ad­mit­ting that most of what she is buy­ing is for her­self.

Of course, there is more to “back to school” shop­ping than just school sup­plies. Kids need new clothes for school too. Be­cause, ap­par­ently, if a kid shows up dur­ing the fi rst week of school wear­ing clothes that they wore at any time dur­ing the pre­vi­ous school year, they will be im­me­di­ately os­tra­cized, ridiculed, teased and pos­si­bly even sent back a grade.

Yes, I un­der­stand that the be­gin­ning of the school year is a good time to get the kids new clothes be­cause they of­ten out­grow the clothes they wore the year be­fore. That’s why I ad­vo­cate buy­ing kid clothes that are two or three sizes too big so they can last for two or three years. It’s a great idea!

As an adult, I’ve been wear­ing some of the same shirts for 20 years, and no one has made fun of me! (At least, not that I know of.)

So, The Wife loves the school sup­plies and the shop­ping for kid clothes. She even re­ally likes teach­ing. But, she’s still torn when it comes to “back to school” be­cause she wishes it didn’t have to mean the end of the fun of the pa­rades, pic­nics, fire­works and the beach.

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