Mas­sive debt can­not be jus­ti­fied

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Melissa Baird says it best: “Needs vs. wants, Let’s be re­spon­si­ble adults.” Tell me how you can jus­tify spend­ing money you do not have? Bor­row, bor­row, bor­row and go broke, broke, broke. If you can’t see what’s hap­pen­ing to our coun­try be­cause we bor­row from the likes of China, et al., and have in­curred hor­rific debt to the tune of $18 tril­lion, then you likely have mount­ing debt of your own and are also on the verge of los­ing all you have too. Re­spon­si­ble in­di­vid­u­als will get by with what they have and save for the things they want. You MUST ex­pect the un­ex­pected be­fore jump­ing into the new pool, as it were. What if our econ­omy plunged us into another dev­as­tat­ing de­pres­sion? Peo­ple will lose their jobs, their homes, their trans­porta­tion and their lives. The mar­ket is poised for a crash and ir­re­spon­si­ble city coun­cil mem­bers put their col­lec­tive heads in the sand and pre­tend they don’t see. Don’t you love your chil­dren? Do you re­ally want them to carry the bur­den of your fis­cal in­ep­ti­tude? Lastly, they are call­ing this mon­ster the “Life Cen­ter”? Good grief, there is no life un­der a moun­tain of debt. The un­for­tu­nate re­al­ity is that this will pass and put us into a tail­spin, out of con­trol, and many will per­ish in the fall, crash and burn; and those of you that mock will likely be the first to suc­cumb to the dis­as­ter. Pity that the in­no­cent will pay the heav­ier price and your ad­mis­sion to the an­nual pool party, ad in­fini­tum.

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