Who do you want to be for Hal­loween?


Wait ... now he wants to be Anna from “Frozen” be­cause his big sis­ter wants to be Elsa. Umm, I’m not sure how I feel about this one. It defi nitely wouldn’t be my fi rst choice for him. I don’t want to dis­cour­age it too much, be­cause then he might show his stub­born streak and try to hold his ground. It’s prob­a­bly best if I just give it a few days un­til he changes his mind again.

( A cou­ple of years ago his older sis­ter spent four months declar­ing she wanted to be Shaggy from “Scooby- Doo” for Hal­loween. For­tu­nately for us, those four months were be­tween De­cem­ber and March, so by the time Oc­to­ber rolled around she had long for­got­ten it. No fa­ther has ever as­pired for his daugh­ter to look like Shaggy from “Scooby- Doo.”)

And now ... still Anna. On the plus side, he’s lis­tened to the “Frozen” sound­track enough that he knows all of the songs. ˆ

Wait ... now he wants to be Olaf the snow­man from “Frozen.” That’s bet­ter! A snow­man cos­tume shouldn’t be too hard ( for The Wife) to fi gure out.

Wait ... now he wants to be Jar Jar Binks! He’s never even seen any of the “Star Wars” movies, so how does he even know who that is? And there defi nitely won’t be any Jar Jar Binks cos­tumes at the lo­cal store, so that means we’ll have to search the In­ter­net.

Wait ... now he wants to be Iron Man. Good! But he was Iron Man two years ago, and that cos­tume doesn’t fi t any­more. We’ll have to get a new one.

Wait ... now he wants to be a fi refi ghter. Even bet­ter! He can dress up like a real hero!

( Of course, there’s still some time be­tween now and Hal­loween, so he might change his mind another 17 times.)

Photo by Joe Capell

Wait … now he wants to be an as­tro­naut!

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