Saints coun­seled to be­come eco­nom­i­cally self-sus­tain­ing

Serve Daily - - BUILDING COMMUNITY - By Jesse Fisher

Pre­vi­ously we men­tioned that the 1868 Gen­eral Con­fer­ence fo­cused on pre­par­ing the Saints to sup­port a church­wide roll­out of the Brigham City sys­tem of co­op­er­a­tives with ZCMI as its cen­ter­piece. Let’s look at what the prophet said in one of his talks at that con­fer­ence. He re­veals his mo­ti­va­tion to lead the Saints in be­come eco­nom­i­cally in­de­pen­dent of the world’s cor­rupt econ­omy.

Pres­i­dent Brigham Young be­gan his talk by point­ing out that the King­dom of God is as much con­cerned about our tem­po­ral sal­va­tion as our spir­i­tual. “The ob­ject of the teach­ings at this Con­fer­ence ... has been to teach the peo­ple how to save them­selves daily, in a tem­po­ral point of view ....” He then de­clares that the Lord wants us to leave Baby­lon. He said, “We are called upon to come out from among the wicked, as it is writ­ten, ‘Come out of her, O my peo­ple,’ that is, come out of Baby­lon. What is Baby­lon? Why, it is the con­fused world: come out of her, then, and cease to par­take of her sins, for if you do not you will be par­tak­ers of her plagues.”

Brigham then states the Saints must be­come eco­nom­i­cally self-sus­tain­ing as a peo­ple be­cause God said Baby­lon is des­tined to fall. He states, “... sup­pose this is true con­cern­ing the gath­er­ing out of the Saints, and that Baby­lon, or a con­fused and wicked world, will cease its oper­a­tions as they are now go­ing on, and the time spo­ken of shall have come, when the mer­chants will mourn and weep be­cause there is no one to buy their mer­chan­dise .... By and by there will be a gulf be­tween the right­eous and the wicked so that they can­not trade with each other, and [in­ter­state com­merce] will cease .... We want you hence­forth to be a self-sus­tain­ing peo­ple. Hear it, O Is­rael! Hear it neigh­bors, friends and en­e­mies, this is what the Lord re­quires of this peo­ple.”

Brigham then asks a very im­por­tant ques­tion ap­pli­ca­ble to us to­day: “But if this is the King­dom of God and if we are the Saints of God ... are we not re­quired to sus­tain our­selves and to man­u­fac­ture that which we con­sume, to cease our bar­ter­ing, trad­ing, min­gling ... and join­ing with all the filth of Baby­lon?” Tough ques­tion. How would you re­spond Brigham’s call for the Saints to be­come eco­nom­i­cally self-sus­tain­ing?

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