Mr. Grill: Come find out what you’ve been miss­ing

Serve Daily - - BUILDING COMMUNITY - By Amy Baird

Iam sur­prised how many peo­ple don’t know about Mr. Grill. I tell peo­ple where it is and they say, “Oh, the ice cream place?” Yes, they do have ice cream there, but that is not all. They also have some crazy de­li­cious sand­wiches served on hot, fresh scones (got your at­ten­tion there, huh?) and some scrump­tious hand-cut fries. Mr. Grill is a fam­ily-run busi­ness owned by Ron and Mary Spann, peo­ple who are pas­sion­ate about mak­ing de­li­cious, one-ofa-kind food.

One thing that makes Mr. Grill stand apart is the fries. Mmmmmm ... the fries are ex­cep­tional. The fries are hand­made fresh right when you or­der them. And they are ad­dic­tive. I love them be­cause they are a bit thin­ner than the usual fry, more like shoestring fries. They are crispy and soft and hot and just yummy. Tyler Oliv­er­son, my ac­coun­tant friend, said, “It is like In-N-Out Burger’s fries but bet­ter to the power of 10.” I be­lieve that he meant that these fries are way bet­ter than In-N-Out.

I got the Philly CheeseS­teak and it was be­yond yummy. It had big strips of rib­eye steak, diced pep­pers, pro­volone cheese and some ex­cep­tional sauce. What made it re­ally de­li­cious was that it was served on a fresh, hot scone. The scones are soft with a crispy out­side. And let’s talk about the meat. Ev­ery­thing is fresh and lo­cal from Springville Meat Com­pany. The burgers are made with ground sir­loin ... you get the pic­ture.

Nick got the Span­ish Pork Philly (love the name). It is Philly Cheeses­teak made with pork and it has bit more spice and heat to it. Nick got his with banana pep­pers and Ron said some peo­ple even put jalapenos on it. The pork was ten­der and tasted de­li­cious with the zesty sauce.

Me­gan and Tyler Oliv­er­son both got scone burgers but each one had a unique fla­vor and style to it. I love how you can cus­tom­ize your burger. Tyler got his with Ron’s sig­na­ture rasp­berry spicy sauce that I could hon­estly pour on any­thing. It is just sweet and spicy and de­li­cious. Ron also makes a pineap­ple rel­ish that is to die for. Dustin Har­row got the brat with sauer­kraut and it was pretty de­li­cious.

Christie got my fa­vorite item on the menu, a grilled chicken sand­wich on a scone with rasp­berry spicy sauce and ranch. I know that sounds a lit­tle bit crazy, right? Ranch and a rasp­berry sauce, but wow! Those fla­vors just blended and it was de­li­cious. Christie was a lit­tle hes­i­tant to go for the scone bun, but she thought it was per­fect. The grilled chicken was a good-sized por­tion and was very moist and ten­der.

Af­ter we were done with our meals, we had to try the Sub Zero Ice Cream. They take a cream base and us­ing liq­uid ni­tro­gen cre­ate amaz­ing ice cream. The re­ally cool thing about it is that any­one can have a frozen treat. They of­fer bases that range from cream base to low-fat base to nondairy bases like al­mond or co­conut. Then you can choose your fla­vor and mix ins. I re­ally like Crazy Mon­key Banana with banana, cake bat­ter, peanut but­ter, marsh­mal­low, But­terfin­ger and al­monds and caramel on top. Yummy banana over­load. I loved the com­bi­na­tion of fla­vors and the crunch from the But­terfin­ger.

The ice cream that blew my mind was the Rag­ing Ca­jun. It has Moun­tain Dew, Fire and Ice (spicy), gummy bears and marsh­mal­low cream. The fla­vors just ex­plode in your mouth. You have the cit­rus of the Moun­tain Dew with the spicy fire and ice and then those gummy bears. You eat it and then a sec­ond later you have a lit­tle burn from the fire and ice.

So the moral of the story is you need to go to Mr. Grill. Mr. Grill is lo­cated at 788 N. 800 East in Span­ish Fork be­tween Café Rio and Papa Mur­phy’s. They are open Mon­day through Thurs­day from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Fri­days and Satur­days from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Sand­wiches and burgers are served on home­made scones at Mr. Grill in Span­ish Fork.

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