C.S. Lewis Acad­emy is­sues Kin­dle de­vices to stu­dents


On Tues­day, Nov. 3, all fourth- through eighth-grade stu­dents at C.S. Lewis Acad­emy in San­taquin were is­sued a per­sonal Kin­dle Paper­white thanks to a Ti­tle I School Im­prove­ment Grant. Stu­dents had known for two weeks that they would be re­ceiv­ing the Kin­dles, and they were full of an­tic­i­pa­tion.

“We re­al­ized that many stu­dents do not have the re­sources at home to read when­ever they want. We wanted stu­dents to have more ma­te­rial avail­able to read. We also wanted them to uti­lize the same tech­nol­ogy at home that they do in the class­room. Kids want to use tech­nol­ogy. We chose the Kin­dle Paper­white be­cause of its fo­cus on read­ing only, rather than be­ing able to play games.” said Lena Bar­ney, Ti­tle I di­rec­tor.

Stu­dents tend to be more en­gaged when us­ing tech­nol­ogy. With Kin­dle, stu­dents no longer need to be dis­cour­aged by the size of a book or self-con­scious when car­ry­ing their books to class, mo­ti­vat­ing even re­luc­tant and strug­gling read­ers.

There are so many books that Ama­zon has avail­able, in­clud­ing mil­lions of free and out-of-copyright ti­tles. Hav­ing Kin­dles for each stu­dent al­lows the teacher to ac­cess many more books than could be housed in a tra­di­tional li­brary. “I am so ex­cited for our school to have this op­por­tu­nity to get and use the Kin­dle Paper­white de­vice. This gives us a great op­por­tu­nity to in­te­grate tech­nol­ogy into our daily ac­tiv­i­ties and lessons. We plan on uti­liz­ing this de­vice to its fullest po­ten­tial. We will be read­ing books with our guided read­ing groups on our Kin­dles. We will also have our weekly spell­ing, vo­cab­u­lary lists and other im­por­tant doc­u­ments down­load to our Kin­dles. We also plan on uti­liz­ing the vo­cab­u­lary builder app to help ex­pand and strengthen our lan­guage,” said fifth-grade teacher Jane Web­ster.

Teach­ers will be able to bet­ter in­di­vid­u­al­ize the books be­ing read by each stu­dent in the class and have more re­sources to draw from for guided read­ing groups. Stu­dents will be more likely to use re­sources like a dictionary when they are able to look up a word merely by tap­ping on the word when they are read­ing. The vo­cab­u­lary app al­lows stu­dents to re­view words they have looked up and de­velop their own mas­tery lists.

Lotta C. Lar­son, pro­fes­sor of ed­u­ca­tion at Kansas State Univer­sity, con­ducted a year-long study to de­ter­mine whether the use of Kin­dle pos­i­tively im­pacts lit­er­acy de­vel­op­ment in pri­mary stu­dents and found that stu­dents who re­ceived Kin­dles im­proved their vo­cab­u­lary de­vel­op­ment.

As au­thor C.S. Lewis said, “Lit­er­a­ture adds to re­al­ity, it does not sim­ply de­scribe it. It en­riches the nec­es­sary com­pe­ten­cies that daily life re­quires and pro­vides; and in this re­spect, it ir­ri­gates the deserts that our lives have al­ready be­come.”

Thanks to a grant, all fourth- through eighth-grade stu­dents at C.S. Lewis Acad­emy in San­taquin were is­sued a per­sonal Kin­dle Paper­white in Novem­ber.

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