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Once upon a time, a lit­tle princess lived in a big king­dom ruled by a big and pow­er­ful queen. The queen ruled the great king­dom with fear and dread. No­body ex­cept the kind-hearted lit­tle princess loved the self-cen­tered queen. The lit­tle princess never saw faults in the queen and in­stead ide­al­ized her. She hoped one day to be just like her.

She tried and tried to at­tain the queen’s at­ten­tions or ap­proval, but noth­ing she did made the queen any hap­pier be­cause the queen lacked a good and kind na­ture.

One day the lit­tle princess de­cided to go on a walk out­side of the palace walls into the towns of her king­dom. She was hop­ing to help the queen by making a list of things that could be im­proved in the king­dom. The re­al­ity of it all was too much as she quickly re­al­ized just how bad things were for her peo­ple out­side the palace walls.

The lit­tle princess came back shocked at the true hor­ror of her king­dom un­der the queen’s rule. The lit­tle princess lost all the ado­ra­tion she had for the queen and chal­lenged her for the throne. The queen was fu­ri­ous to have her own small daugh­ter be the chal­lenger but was still un­will­ing to give her any mercy.

If she lost, she would have her hanged in front of all her supporters. How­ever, the lit­tle princess had grown a hard heart too and placed the same fate on the queen if the lat­ter lost.

The bat­tle was short be­cause the peo­ple, see­ing a glim­mer of hope at hav­ing a new ruler, stopped sup­port­ing the queen. Soon, she was hung in front of all the peo­ple of the king­dom. They all re­joiced to be free of the evil tyrant queen.

The lit­tle princess was crowned queen. With all her peo­ple’s trust in her and her kind heart, she ruled and brought her king­dom out of the dark ages that the peo­ple had suf­fered un­der for so long with the for­mer queen’s rule.

Eve­lyn Benz is a young au­thor. She can be reached at www.eve­lyn­

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