Slow down in or­der to slim down

Serve Daily - - FOSTERING INNOVATION - By Leanne Ely

When I get asked what the se­cret to my slim­ming down was, mostly it is peo­ple who want to know about what I’m eat­ing. That of course, is a huge, in­te­gral part of it, but it’s not the only thing.

Delv­ing full steam ahead into a very strict pa­leo eat­ing plan cer­tainly moved the nee­dle, as did chang­ing up my ex­er­cise and start­ing barre classes.

But this one weight loss tip I’m go­ing to share with you to­day is some­thing that will prob­a­bly sur­prise you in its sim­plic­ity. That some­thing? Rest.

When I made a point of ac­tu­ally slow­ing down and tak­ing the time to rest, things really started to change. It’s like a bunch of fat that my body was hang­ing onto just de­cided to take off!

I now make it a point to med­i­tate each day to clear my mind. I pray, write in my jour­nal and try to live in a con­scious, grate­ful state.

And I also make an ef­fort to sleep a solid eight hours a night.

One of the hard­est things for me is slow­ing down and ac­tu­ally lis­ten­ing to my body when it says that it needs me to stop and rest. This is very dif­fi­cult to do, but the con­se­quence of not lis­ten­ing is not worth it!

The ba­sic science be­hind all of this is that when we’re in “go go go” mode, our hor­mones get all out of whack. And when our hor­mones are out of whack, our me­tab­o­lism doesn’t func­tion prop­erly.

There are two spe­cific trou­ble­mak­ing hor­mones to worry about: lep­tin and ghre­lin. Lack of rest causes lep­tin lev­els to sink, caus­ing you to feel un­sat­is­fied af­ter eat­ing. And ghre­lin lev­els rise when you’re tired, stim­u­lat­ing your ap­petite.

So, lack of rest means your me­tab­o­lism is slower, you crave food, and you don’t feel sat­is­fied af­ter eat­ing. NOT fun and sends you in the op­po­site di­rec­tion!

Add to that equa­tion, the fact that when you’re sleepy, you don’t nec­es­sar­ily make the best de­ci­sions, mean­ing your guard is go­ing to be down and all bets are off.

In an ef­fort to move our bod­ies to stave off weight gain, it’s easy to forget that our poor bod­ies need to be given time to rest and re­cover, too!

*** The pa­triot’s blood is the seed of Free­dom’s tree. - Thomas Camp­bell

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