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long. The body weight on adult birds is typ­i­cally be­tween 10 and 20 pounds. De­spite their size, the in­ter­nal struc­ture of the bird al­lows the pel­i­can to be re­mark­ably buoy­ant in the water.

They ar­rive in groups of four to 12 birds and like to fish in groups. They are fas­ci­nat­ing be­cause they will cooper­ate and cor­ral fish to one an­other. An adult pel­i­can will eat more than four pounds of fish per day. The spring of the year, April through June, is breed­ing sea­son. Dur­ing this pe­riod, both the male and fe­male have a very no­tice­able bump on the top of their large beaks. No­tice that fea­ture in the photo. Af­ter the breed­ing sea­son, that growth is shed. The fe­male will lay two or three eggs, and both par­ents share in in­cu­bat­ing the eggs for about a month. The young leave the nest three to four weeks af­ter hatch­ing.

The Amer­i­can White Pel­i­can is a beau­ti­ful bird, whether we see them swim­ming or in flight.

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