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I asked Mil­lie, the owner of Bravo Bravo, why she de­cided to open her restau­rant, she said, “Be­cause I want to bring my food to the world.” You can tell when food is made just by go­ing through the steps ver­sus when a meal is pre­pared with love. Ev- ery­thing just tastes bet­ter and it is com- fort­ing. You feel like you’ve been taken care of. Mil­lie’s food is made with love and you can tell. Mex­i­can food has al­ways been a fa­vorite of mine and be­cause of Mil­lie, Bravo Bravo is now my new go-to for Mex­i­can food.

Bravo Brave is lo­cated in Salem south of Stokes Mar­ket. I have driven by many times and sadly not no­ticed this gem. They of­fer break­fast, lunch and din­ner. You know those big, fresh, homemade break- fast bur­ri­tos that you dream about? They make those. Don’t you dare go to Taco Bell af­ter read­ing about this real, home- made break­fast bur­rito. You need one for break­fast to­mor­row. Trust me.

OK, let’s talk about the food. When you are judg­ing a Mex­i­can restau­rant, I think you need to fo­cus on one thing: en­chi­lada sauce. If they open a can and pour it on, you know you aren’t get­ting high-quali- ty food. When I say en­chi­lada sauce, I’m talk­ing about the deep red sauce with all the sea­son­ings. I used to buy it in a can but once I made it from scratch there was free meals are avail­able for Aug. 16. no go­ing back. The cheese en­chi­lada at chil­dren and teens ages 18 and young- San­taquin Cen­ten­nial Park, 300 W. Bravo Bravo was divine and a huge part ji­tas. The chicken was ten­der and paired er at sev­eral lo­ca­tions in south­ern Utah 100 South, San­taquin. Meals avail­able of that was the de­li­cious en­chi­lada sauce. nicely with the sautéed pep­pers and on- County this sum­mer as part of the Sum- Mon­day through Fri­day from 11 a. m. to

When we ar­rived for the review, Mil- ions. They brought out warm corn tor­tillas mer Food Ser­vice Pro­gram. This pro- 12: 30 p. m. through Aug. 19. lie had pre­pared a sump­tu­ous spread with for the fa­ji­tas. The chicken had great sea- gram is be­ing of­fered locally by the Utah Span­ish Fork City Cen­ter Li­brary chicken fa­ji­tas, carne asada, cheese and son­ing, and the fla­vor of the pep­pers and Food Bank and is spon­sored by the U. S. Park, 100 E. 40 South, Span­ish Fork. chicken en­chi­ladas, and rice and beans. onions was en­hanced by the grilling. Just Depart­ment of Agriculture. Meals avail­able Mon­day through Fri­day Plus, there was a va­ri­ety of sal­sas and a re­fresh­ing com­bi­na­tion that tasted great. The Sum­mer Food Ser­vice Pro­gram from 11: 30 a. m. to 1 p. m. through Aug. fresh-made gua­camole. Mmmm. I was ex- It was a crowd-pleaser. en­sures that low- in­come chil­dren con- 19. cited for this review. An­other thing that stood out to me is tinue to re­ceive nu­tri­tious meals when Springville Splash Pad/ Pub­lic Li­brary,

En­chi­ladas are kind of my fa­vorite. the great kids’ menu. Mil­lie, the owner, school is not in ses­sion. This sum­mer, 45 S. Main, Springville. Meals avail­able Both of these were de­li­cious. My go- to knows the ap­petites of lit­tle chil­dren. She the USDA plans to serve more than 200 Mon­day through Fri­day from 1: 45 to 3 is chicken en­chi­ladas with green sauce. made the menu based on what her chil­dren mil­lion free meals to chil­dren at ap- p. m. through Aug. 19. I don’t nor­mally or­der the cheese enchi- loved to eat grow­ing up. The kids’ menu proved pro­gram sites. ladas, but I kind of fell in love with the had chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, hot The meals are blend of the melted cheese in the light dogs and que­sadil­las. That pretty much avail­able at the corn tor­tillas and the fresh, red sauce. sums up my 3-year-old’s diet. fol­low­ing loca- I could tell the sauce was made from They have daily lunch spe­cials that tions and times scratch. It had nice, rich tones with­out are $6.50 in­clud­ing a drink. Speak­ing of in south­ern Utah be­ing too spicy. The chicken en­chi­lada drinks, they have freshly made aqua fres- County: had a bit of heat to it and com­pli­ment- cas like hor­chata. Noth­ing bet­ter than Payson Me- ed the shred­ded chicken. One is­sue I an icy glass of hor­chata with your tacos. mo­rial Park, 300 some­times have with chicken en­chi­ladas The am­biance was great too. I loved the S. Main, Payson. is the meat qual­ity. Some­times you bite brightly col­ored gar­lands hang­ing from Meals avail­able in and get a piece that has car­ti­lage or the ceil­ing and the bright sara­pes on the Mon­day through that is tough. This chicken was great and ta­ble. Over­all, I just fell in love with Bra- Fri­day from 1: 30 very ten­der. vo Bravo. It is a gem and I would re­com- to 3 p. m. through

The gua­camole was like heaven, creamy mend check­ing it out. and de­li­cious. For the rice and beans, they Bravo Bravo is lo­cated at 575 N. State chose black beans, which were nicely sea- Road 198. Hours are Mon­day through Sat- soned. The rice was authen­tic with peas ur­day from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Closed Sun- and car­rots. Fa­ji­tas! I love me some fa- days. see, I am never done with the dishes. There is al­ways some­thing I missed or some­thing that just didn’t quite fit in the dish­washer.

And even if, by some strange quirk, I ac­tu­ally find all the dirty dishes and get them all to fit in the dish­washer, I’ll feel strangely com­pelled to dirty an­other dish. I’ll get some juice and dirty a cup, I’ll zap a bur­rito in the mi­crowave, or I’ll cele- brate fin­ish­ing the dishes by get­ting my- self a bowl of ice cream.

There must al­ways be at least one dirty dish in the house. It’s one of the laws of na­ture, as sure as grav­ity or the ris­ing of the sun.

Know­ing this, I don’t even try to get all of the dishes clean any­more. I con­sid- er my­self “ahead” on the dishes if, by the time the dish­washer has fin­ished its cy­cle, I don’t im­me­di­ately have enough dirty dishes to fill the dish­washer full again.

So, yes, do­ing the dishes is an end- less, fu­tile en­deavor. The dishes are never done. But, it could be worse. It could be the laun­dry.

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