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I sit here writ­ing this, I should be do­ing the dishes. I should al­ways be do­ing the dishes. Of course, be­fore I can do the dishes, I need to un­load the dish­washer and put ev­ery­thing away. And then, as soon as the dish­washer is empty, I can start fill­ing it again.

The guilt is driv­ing me crazy. I’ve got to go do the dishes. Give me a few min- utes while I go un­load the dish­washer and re-load it again. Let me get started .... Wow, that’s a lot of dishes .... Just about fin­ished ... Okay, I’m back. I un­loaded the dish- washer. And then I loaded the dish­washer again. The dishes are done! Wait - what’s that you say? The dishes aren’t done? How can that be? I’m telling you I just fin­ished load­ing the dish­washer. All the dishes are done!

Oh, wait, here’s a cup by the liv­ing room chair. And there’s a bowl on my night­stand from that late night Cin­na­mon Toast Crunch binge. Oh, and there’s a kid cup. Why didn’t I see that cup when I was load­ing the dishes? It’s sit­ting right there in plain sight, how could I have missed it?

So, I’m not ac­tu­ally done with the dishes. No big sur­prise. Be­cause, you

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