Early LDS mis­sion­ar­ies preached about build­ing Zion

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While gath­er­ing hun­dreds of quotes by early LDS apos­tles and prophets, a very clear and star­tling pic­ture be­gan to come into fo­cus. I was amazed to dis­cover just how cen­tral the build­ing of Zion was to the early Mor­mon Church. Over the next five in­stall­ments, we’ll look at a few quotes among 92 that show, in dif­fer­ent ways, how build­ing Zion was cen­tral to the Gospel.

First, build­ing Zion was a core el­e­ment of what the early LDS mis­sion­ar­ies were teach­ing to their in­ves­ti­ga­tors.

In 1860, speak­ing from the per­spec­tive of a Bri­tish con­vert, Pres­i­dent Brigham Young made a state­ment that clearly shows this. He said, “You came to Eng­land and preached the Gospel, and told me not to trust in man, but to seek unto the Lord my God ... and re­ceive a wit­ness for my­self and know for my­self that Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God, that the Book of Mor­mon is true, and that God has set to his hand to gather the house of Is­rael and build up Zion.”

Another quote by him in 1862 shows that the early mis­sion­ar­ies were us­ing the Bi­ble to show in­ves­ti­ga­tors proph­e­sies about the last days, which in­cluded build­ing Zion.

Pres­i­dent Young said, “While the meek of the earth re­main scat­tered among the wicked, the El­ders of this Church can go forth with the Old and New Tes­ta­ment in their hands, and show what the Lord is go­ing to do in the lat­ter days, the great mir­a­cles he will per­form, the gath­er­ing of his peo­ple, the sav­ing of his Saints, the build­ing up of Zion, the re­deem­ing of the house of Is­rael, the es­tab­lish­ing of the New Jerusalem, the bring­ing back of the ten tribes ... and this is pro­claimed to both Saint and sin­ner.”

Ten years ear­lier, Brigham had said, “When you had obeyed the first or­di­nances of the Gospel, (in other words, when you were first taught by the mis­sion­ar­ies and were bap­tized] then you dis­cov­ered that the Lord had set his hand to gather Is­rael, that Zion might be built up and Is­rael gath­ered from the four winds. These doc­trines have been taught and re-taught again and again. I think there is not a man here who did not fully un­der­stand them while in his na­tive coun­try.”

Pretty clear the early LDS mis­sion­ar­ies were preach­ing about build­ing Zion.

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