Build­ingZion­is­cru­cial toGod’slast­daysplans

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No­tonly was building an Enoch-style Zion a core part of the mis­sion of the early LDS Church as we saw last time, our lead­ers made it very clear in the mid-1800s that building Zion was a cen­tral el­e­ment in God’s over-arch­ing, big-pic­ture this doc­trine had not changed. He said, plan for the last days to pre­pare Earth for “... the time had come, in the coun­cils of the Sec­ond Com­ing of Christ. Here are heaven, that it was nec­es­sary to start the four quotes, spread out over four decades, lat­ter-day work, and to pre­pare a peo­ple, show­ing just that: gath­er­ing them to­gether to build up Zion

In 1853, Pres­i­dent Young said, “...we and es­tab­lish the king­dom of God upon will round up our shoul­ders, and bear up the earth, that His will might be done upon the pon­der­ous weight, carry the Gospel the earth as it is done in heaven.” to the ut­ter­most parts of the earth, gather In 1889, nearly two years af­ter John Is­rael, re­deem Zion, and con­tinue our op­er­a­tions Tay­lor’s death, Pres­i­dent Wilford Woodruff un­til we bind Satan, and the king­doms briefly sum­ma­rized God’s over-arch­ing of this world be­come the king­dom plan and Zion’s role in that plan when of our Lord and His Christ ....” he said “... Joseph Smith was re­served to

Seven years later, in 1860, Brigham lay the foun­da­tion of this great King­dom fur­ther ex­pounded: and dis­pen­sa­tion of sal­va­tion to the whole

“The Lat­ter-day Saints ... are here to hu­man fam­ily in th­ese last days, to build in­crease and mul­ti­ply, to en­large, to gather up Zion, to es­tab­lish God’s King­dom, and the house of Is­rael, re­deem Zion, build to pre­pare it for the com­ing of the Son of up the Zion of our God, and to pro­mote Man.” that eter­nal in­tel­li­gence that dwells with Now the tough ques­tion: Is it log­i­cal to the Gods ... un­til ev­ery ob­nox­ious prin­ci­ple as­sume that be­cause the Church was un­able in the hearts of men is de­stroyed, and to “give birth” to Zion due to so­cial, the earth re­turns to its par­adi­s­aical state, po­lit­i­cal and eco­nomic pres­sures in the and the Lord comes and dwells with this 1880s, that the Lord has for­got­ten Zion or peo­ple .... That is our busi­ness, and not to changed His plans re­gard­ing her? Un­likely. suf­fer all our en­er­gies to be ex­pended in It makes more sense that He is wait­ing merely pre­par­ing to die” (or, in our day, for His chil­dren to tire of liv­ing in Baby­lon “re­tire”). and deter­mine in their hearts to build

In 1879, soon af­ter Brigham passed, Zion. Pres­i­dent John Tay­lor made it clear that Read more at Build­

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