Build­ing Zion was the whole point of gath­er­ing to Utah

Serve Daily - - BUILDING COMMUNITY - By Jesse Fisher

In1868, LDS Church Pres­i­dent Brigham Young couldn’t have said it any plainer: “We are gath­ered to­gether in the tops of these moun­tains for the ex­press pur­pose of build­ing up Zion, the Zion of the last days, the glory of which was seen by the prophets of the Almighty from the days of old.” Eleven years ear­lier, he took longer to say the same thing but from a dif­fer­ent per­spec­tive:

“You hear brethren talk of com­ing to Zion to en­joy the bless­ings of this land; but do you not see that it is the short-sight­ed­ness of men which causes their dis­ap­point­ment when they ar­rive here? They read in the [scrip­tures] about Zion, and what it is to be; but [they] could not re­al­ize, be­fore they came here, that they were the ones to help to build up Zion. They gather here with the spirit of Zion rest­ing upon them, and ex­pect­ing to find Zion in its glory, whereas their own doc­trine should teach them that they are com­ing here to make Zion.”

Even to the end of his life, Brother Brigham taught that build­ing Zion was the whole point and pur­pose of the Saints be­ing in Utah. His clear­est state­ment in this re­gard came in his very last Gen­eral Con­fer­ence ad­dress when he stated, “We have no busi­ness here other than to build up and es­tab­lish the Zion of God.”

Brigham wasn’t the only one teach­ing this doc­trine. A year ear­lier, in 1876, Apos­tle Wil­ford Woodruff ex­pressed the same idea when he stated, “We have gath­ered here for the ex­press pur­pose of es­tab­lish­ing Zion....”

Then there was Pres­i­dent John Tay­lor. Be­gin­ning the year af­ter Brigham passed away, nearly ev­ery time Tay­lor spoke he drove this point home again and again:

“And we are gath­ered to­gether, as I have said, for the pur­pose of build­ing up Zion....”

“We are now gath­ered to­gether to Zion. For what? To build up Zion....”

“We are here to build up Zion, and to es­tab­lish the king­dom of God.”

“We are here to build up the Zion of God....”

“This is what we are gath­ered here for—to build up the Zion of our God....”

“We are here to build up the Zion of God, and not to build up our­selves.”

So we see that Brigham Young, John Tay­lor, Wil­ford Woodruff (and oth­ers) all taught that the whole point of the Saints be­ing in Utah was to build Zion. Now that the Church is more main­stream Amer­ica, maybe we Saints should work a lit­tle harder to­wards achiev­ing that orig­i­nal pur­pose.

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