Nam­ing pat­terns can pro­vide hints for ge­neal­ogy work

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InAmer­ica, fam­i­lies used var­i­ous pat­terns in nam­ing their chil­dren. Though these rules were not fol­lowed by ev­ery­one, enough peo­ple fol­lowed these nam­ing cus­toms that you can uti­lize them to get valu­able clues about your ances­try. The three ma­jor pat­terns were fa­mil­ial, Bi­b­li­cal and those hav­ing a moral sig­nif­i­cance. with Bi­b­li­cal names or names en­cour­ag­ing

From colo­nial times to the early 1800s, moral qual­i­ties. Noah, David, peo­ple fre­quently used a com­bi­na­tion of Mathew, James, John, Zepha­niah, the three with em­pha­sis on the fa­mil­ial. Ephraim, Isaac, Is­rael, Jabez and Solomon For ex­am­ple, the first son was typ­i­cally were com­mon Bi­b­li­cal names for named af­ter his pa­ter­nal grand­fa­ther, the males, while Han­nah, Sarah, Deb­o­rah, sec­ond son af­ter his ma­ter­nal grand­fa­ther, Mary, Aseneth, Abi­gail, Dor­cas, Es­ther, the third son af­ter his fa­ther or his pa­ter­nal Hope, Faith and Tabitha were fe­male great-grand­fa­ther. The fourth son could be names from the scrip­tures. Ex­am­ples of named af­ter his fa­ther’s old­est brother or girls’ names hav­ing moral sig­nif­i­cance mother’s pa­ter­nal grand­fa­ther. The fifth in­clude Con­tent­ment, Mindwell, Obe­di­ence, son was named af­ter his mother’s el­dest Pa­tience, Char­ity, Mercy, Com­fort, brother or fa­ther’s ma­ter­nal grand­fa­ther. De­light and Thank­ful. Though fewer in

Fe­males fre­quently fol­lowed a pat­tern num­ber, men had names such as Rea­son, also: the first daugh­ter was named af­ter Courage and Jus­tice. her ma­ter­nal grand­mother, the sec­ond was Nick­names and the use of mid­dle named for her pa­ter­nal grand­mother, the names for every day were com­mon prac­tices. third daugh­ter was named af­ter her mother Ex­am­ples of com­mon nick­names for or for her mother’s ma­ter­nal grand­mother. women are: Mar­garet could be Mag­gie, The fourth daugh­ter could be named af­ter Madge, Peggy or even Daisy (Mar­guerite her mother’s old­est sis­ter or for her fa­ther’s is French for Daisy). Mary was Polly, Mamie, pa­ter­nal grand­mother and the fifth Marie, Maria and Mia. Ann, Nancy, girl was named af­ter her fa­ther’s el­dest Han­nah, Nan­nie and Anna were fre­quently sis­ter or for her mother’s pa­ter­nal grand­mother. in­ter­change­able. Patsy and Mat­tie were nick­names for Martha. Male names in­cluded

A pop­u­lar cus­tom in both Vir­ginia and Jack for John, Bill, Wm and Will New Eng­land was the use of sur­names as for Wil­liam, etc. For a com­pre­hen­sive list given names. This oc­curred mostly with of nick­names, go to https://fam­il­y­search. males but could be seen oc­ca­sion­ally in org/ wiki/ en/ Tra­di­tion­al_ Nick­names_ in_ fe­male names also. In my fam­ily, there Old_Doc­u­ments_-_A_Wik­i_List. are gen­er­a­tions of men named Jac­que­line, *** which was the maiden name of an Those who deny free­dom to oth­ers de­serve an­ces­tor. it not for them­selves. - Abra­ham

Pu­ri­tans pre­ferred nam­ing their chil­dren Lin­coln

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