7 peo­ple to avoid when go­ing through the drive-thru

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The­fast food drive-thru is a won­der­ful thing. It is a quick and con­ve­nient way to get a good, healthy meal. (Okay, so maybe “healthy” isn’t the right word there. Let’s go with “edi­ble” in­stead.)

Un­for­tu­nately, some­times other peo­ple also want to use the drive-thru, and these peo­ple make the ex­pe­ri­ence a lit­tle less quick and con­ve­nient. Here are seven peo­ple you don’t want to get be­hind at the drive-thru:

1. The Un­de­cided Orderer: These peo­ple can’t de­cide what they want. They might con­sult with every­body in their car. They might take 10 min­utes to look over the menu. They might ask the drive-thru per­son for rec­om­men­da­tions. They will an­noy you.

2. The Line Crowder: When there are two drive- thru lanes, some peo­ple have a hard time fig­ur­ing when to merge. They will try to fit their car into the small­est of open­ings to get ahead of you if they can.

3. The Not Pull For­warder: You are pulled up as far as you can but still two feet away from be­ing able to place your or­der, even though the car in front of you has a 12-foot cush­ion in front of him. Just pull a lit­tle bit for­ward, dude!

4. The Sur­prised Payer: These peo­ple get to the first win­dow and seem sur­prised when some­one asks for money. ( Ap­par­ently they thought the food they just or­dered was go­ing to be free.) They have to dig for their wal­let or purse and fum­ble around for their cash or credit card.

5. The Ex­act Changer: These peo­ple have some of their money ready when they get to the win­dow, but not all of it. When they hear the to­tal, they feel the need to get the ex­act change, so they will dig through their coins to find the per­fect com­bi­na­tion of pen­nies, nick­els and dimes to fin­ish the trans­ac­tion.

6. The Re-Orderer:These peo­ple get to the win­dow and de­cide what they or­dered wasn’t enough. They need more. (“Wait! I for­got to or­der fries!”) And so they or­der more, mak­ing you and ev­ery­one else in line wait that much longer.

7. The Or­der Checker: I can un­der­stand check­ing your bag to make sure you got all your food. (We’ve all driven away with miss­ing burgers, fries or nuggets.) But be quick about it. There is no need to count ev­ery pickle be­fore pulling away from the win­dow.

If we all try hard, we can avoid be­ing one of these seven peo­ple and en­joy quick, con­ve­nient, healthy - um, edi­ble - food!

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