God ex­pected Zion to be built in Utahin

Serve Daily - - MERIT ACADEMY - By Jesse Fisher

No­tonly did the early LDS lead­ers teach that the whole point of gath­er­ing to Utah was to build a Zion so­ci­ety, but they also specif­i­cally taught that it was God’s will that they do so.

No one put it more clearly than Brigham Young when in 1860 he said:

“The Lord has led the peo­ple care­fully along, and dic­tated ac­cord­ing to his plea­sure. Brother Heber says we have been go­ing from place to place, un­til, fi­nally, we have come into these val­leys in the moun­tains. Why? Be­cause we were obliged to. The Lord has had his eye on this spot from the be­gin­ning — upon this part of the land of Joseph.... He has known, from the be­gin­ning of cre­ation, that this is the land whereon to build this Zion.”

Thirteen years later, apos­tle Wil­ford Woodruff re­stated Brigham’s point putting it into the broader con­text of the Se­cond Com­ing. He said, “I would to God that the eyes of the Lat­ter-day Saints were open far more than they are to those things that rest upon them! The Lord is look­ing to them alone to build up his Zion here in the moun­tains of Is­rael, and to pre­pare the bride, the Lamb’s wife, for the com­ing of the Great Bridegroom.”

In 1875, apos­tle Daniel H. Wells re­in­forced the doc­trine by say­ing, “The Lat­ter-day Saints have a work to do, not only in pro­claim­ing the Gospel and warn­ing the peo­ple, but to build up Zion right here upon the earth. Not afar off in some far dis­tant sphere, but here, where the Lord has planted their feet, in the val­leys of the moun­tains.”

As prophet, John Tay­lor put it this way Church and King­dom on the earth. He has set His hand to gather His peo­ple to the moun­tains of Is­rael to build up a Zion. That Zion is here. We have made a be­gin­ning.”

True, the Church was forced by the U.S. Gov­ern­ment to cease build­ing Enoch- style Zion com­mu­ni­ties in Utah in the late 1881, “Now, then, God has gath­ered us 1880s. How­ever, we Saints still have at to­gether for a pur­pose, and that pur­pose is least one Zion so­ci­ety to build be­fore the to build up Zion and to es­tab­lish His king­dom Sav­ior re­turns - the New Jerusalem. Will on the earth.... We are here [in Utah], we be ready to ac­com­plish that mon­u­men­tal then, to build up Zion.” task with­out hav­ing any of the les­son

Lastly, Wil­ford Woodruff in 1884 sum­ma­rizedrich Zion-build­ing ex­pe­ri­ences of our this topic when he said, “God Almighty Utah fore­fa­thers? Prac­tice makes per­fect, has set His hand to es­tab­lish His right?

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