5 things to do while your kids are nap­ping

Serve Daily - - MERIT ACADEMY - By Joe Capell

There’sgo­ing to be a to­tal eclipse of the sun vis­i­ble across much of the United States this Au­gust. This is rare; the last time it hap­pened was 26 years ago.

Do you know what else is so rare that 1. Take a shower/bath: Let’s face it, it only hap­pens once or twice a life­time? you stink. Be­cause of your kids, you don’t All the kids ac­tu­ally nap­ping at the same get to shower as of­ten as you’d like, and time! If you have more than one child, and when you do, you’re rushed. When was all of those chil­dren are asleep at the same the last time you had a long soak in the time, this is about as rare as an eclipse. tub? Now is the time to en­joy it. You You need to cher­ish and take ad­van­tage of might get through an en­tire shower and/or the sit­u­a­tion, be­fore any of them wake up! bath with­out a tod­dler open­ing the shower

Here are five things you can do while cur­tain and telling you the names of all the your kids nap: body parts they know.

2. Watch an adult-ish show: Is there that one show you’ve been want­ing to see, but it con­tains so much vi­o­lence and/ or sex­ual sit­u­a­tions that you don’t dare watch with the kids around? Well, now’s your chance! Yes, you can fi­nally watch the even­ing news. (Oh, and maybe some other shows, too.)

3. Eat from your hid­den stash of good­ies: We all have food that we want to eat but we don’t want our kids to eat. We’ll usu­ally hide it from them or make up some rea­son to tell them why they can’t have any. Eat it now! This might be your only op­por­tu­nity to eat that brownie with­out a tod­dler beg­ging like a street urchin.

4. Work on that project you’ve been want­ing to get done: Most of us have some­thing we’d like to be do­ing if we just had a lit­tle more time. With the kids asleep, this is the time to build that desk, re­store that old car, write that novel or even just play a video game un­in­ter­rupted.

5. Nap: All of these other ideas are great, but it doesn’t re­ally mat­ter what you plan to do while the kids are nap­ping, be­cause if you sit still for five sec­onds you will fall asleep. If they are tired enough to sleep, there’s lit­tle doubt that you are tired enough to sleep, too. So, go ahead and get rested up; you’ll need all that en­ergy to make it to the next eclipse.

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