Visit Pepe’s Grill in Sp. Fork for taco per­fec­tion

Serve Daily - - MERIT ACADEMY - By Amy Baird

Pepe’shas a cult fol­low­ing. Dur­ing the past six years they have been a pop­u­lar food stand at Fi­esta Days in Span­ish Fork. Pepe kept hav­ing peo­ple ask where their lo­ca­tion was and af­ter a while he de­cided that he needed to find one. And the pub­lic re­joiced. The first day Pepe’s Grill opened, there was a mad­house. I ac­tu­ally was one of the peo­ple who braved the cold weather to get some carne asada tacos. And they were de­li­cious. Plus we got chips and salsa while we waited. There were just a lot of peo­ple there who love Pepe’s food.

At the grand open­ing, the menu was pretty lim­ited: tacos, na­chos and que­sadil­las. Now the menu has ex­panded to in­clude chimichangas, bur­ri­tos, fish tacos and more. I was very ex­cited to make my way back to Pepe’s to try out the new menu.

The NA­CHOS. When I went the first time, I just got a few tacos. How­ever, while I was eat­ing I no­ticed peo­ple eat­ing the na­chos. They are gar­gan­tuan and looked amaz­ing. The na­chos did not dis­ap­point when I or­dered my own. Tons of crisp fresh tor­tilla chips cov­ered with shred­ded ched­dar, meat, gua­camole, salsa and sour cream. What I love is that they don’t put a huge scoop of salsa and sour cream on it so it gets all soggy. They driz­zle the salsa and sour cream over it so that it is evenly dis­trib­uted and you get just the right amount. And did I men­tion, they are di­vine. Kind of my new fa­vorite. We split an or­der be­tween six peo­ple and we all had more than enough.

Pepe’s clas­sic menu item is the tacos. De­li­cious, sim­ple street tacos. Small corn tor­tillas with yummy top­pings and that crazy salsa bar. My mouth is watering just think­ing about it. So they have the carne asada with cilantro, pico de gallo, onions and salsa. It is the best-seller - de­li­cious steak per­fec­tion. Great fla­vor and you can cus­tom­ize it with salsa from the salsa bar. I fell in love with the avo­cado-based mild salsa. Then you have the al pas­tor, which is pork with tomatillo avo­cado salsa and pineap­ple. The meat is ten­der and de­li­cious, and when you have the pineap­ple with it, the fla­vors just con­trast so nicely. The chicken taco isn’t your typ­i­cal shred­ded chicken, it is grilled chicken with red and green pep­pers.

They also had spe­cialty street tacos: Chicken Fa­jita and Fish Taco. I am a huge fan of the fish tacos with their spe­cial chipo­tle ranch dress­ing and fried tilapia. The red and green cab­bage added a nice crunch. They also have let­tuce street wraps, which are their tra­di­tional tacos served on let­tuce leaves.

The bur­ri­tos are HUGE. As in mas­sive. As I went to pick up the metal tray with the bur­rito with one hand, it al­most tipped out. It was that heavy. You need two hands to hold this bur­rito; I think it weighed over a pound. The bur­rito was stuffed with pinto beans, rice and meat and was de­li­cious. Chimichangas are sim­i­lar to the bur­ri­tos but are deep fried with that nice crispy crust. Great meat and great fla­vor. Plus they are smoth­ered with en­chi­lada sauce, sour cream and gua­camole.

Ok. Now for the sur­prise. They have these amaz­ing La Mi­choa­cana ice cream bars. I’ve had the straw­berry ice cream bars and they are de­li­cious. But these ice cream bars were in­tense. Think wal­nut, rice pud­ding, mango, etc. So the mango has chile pow­der mixed in. I got the ar­roz con leche. Yes, a rice pud­ding-fla­vored ice cream bar. But wait, it gets bet­ter. It ac­tu­ally had rice and raisins in the ice cream bar. Plus, the ice cream fla­vor was cin­na­mony like a de­li­cious hor­chata. I could not stop rav­ing about it. So if you want to try some­thing a lit­tle dif­fer­ent but crazy de­li­cious, go check out the Mi­choa­cana freezer at Pepe’s. I will be re­turn­ing soon.

So if you need a au­then­tic street taco or just want to share some mas­sive na­chos, check out Pepe’s Grill. It is lo­cated at 747 N. Main in Span­ish Fork. They are open Mon­day through Satur­day from from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The na­chos at Pepe’s Grill in Span­ish Fork are gar­gan­tuan and de­li­cious.

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