Simple Grace - - You’re Never Alone -

“It was the first choir prac­tice I’d lead since my sis­ter, Mar­garet, had been killed in a car ac­ci­dent. As we stood in the sanc­tu­ary that Satur­day morn­ing, my heart ached when I no­ticed her empty place in the mid­dle row. She had such a rich, beau­ti­ful voice, and hear­ing her sing had al­ways filled me with joy and set me aglow for the Lord. But now it was as if all the light and hope had been drained from my heart.

“With a sad sigh, I sig­naled the pi­anist and mu­sic filled the air. No one else had the heart to move into Mar­garet’s place, and I couldn’t pull my eyes away from her va­cant spot, even as tears blurred my vi­sion and I choked back sobs.

“Lord, how could you do this? I thought as I mo­tioned the choir to be­gin. How can I feel joy with­out her here?

“In that ex­act mo­ment, a bril­liant ray of light shone through the stained-glass win­dow, il­lu­mi­nat­ing the ex­act spot where Mar­garet used to stand. I gasped and felt a slight shiver run down the length of my body. As I stared in awe, the choir kept on sing­ing, rais­ing their voices in glory to God. I stood silent as the light faded.

“‘Was that okay?’ one of the women asked, obliv­i­ous to what I just saw. I looked out the win­dow at the gray day. The sun wasn’t out at all. I re­al­ized the light was God’s gift to my bro­ken heart, show­ing me that Mar­garet was still shin­ing just as brightly as she al­ways had. ‘It was beau­ti­ful,’ I replied with a smile, fi­nally feel­ing at peace.”

—Kay Yager, 47, Way­nes­boro, PA

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