Simple Grace - - Letter From The Editor -

Dear one, there re­ally is no ques­tion here: You can­not over­share with Me be­cause I see ev­ery­thing in you. I love all of you. I ac­cept all of you. I know all of you.

What I ask from you is that you cul­ti­vate a level of hu­mil­ity that al­lows you to nat­u­rally push through your anger, dis­ap­point­ment and doubt in or­der to ask for My help.

If you’re an­gry with Me or dis­ap­pointed in Me, telling Me so is the first step to mov­ing past your neg­a­tive feel­ings. You won’t ever want to ask the one you’re an­gry at for help, but there is no other way when it comes to Me.

To open up to My grace, set aside the worst of your anger and send Me a wave of lov­ing grat­i­tude. You’ll feel your spirit lift, cour­tesy of the Holy Spirit, which is your sig­nal that the lines of com­mu­ni­ca­tion are very open be­tween us. Then you might say or think some­thing like, Dear Lord, I’m sorry to have to ad­mit that I’m very an­gry at You over the death of my aunt. I don’t un­der­stand why she had to die when she still had so much to of­fer. Please help me move past this anger so I can re­ceive Your grace more com­pletely. Re­lax in the gen­tle joy and peace that the Spirit brings you and let your heart open as your mind clears. Feel the Spirit whisk away your anger and bring you the full beauty of My love.

There now…you and I are closer than ever.

“For noth­ing is hid­den that will not be made man­i­fest, nor is any­thing se­cret that will not be known and come to light.”

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