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“Dear Lord, I’ve al­ways had a ten­dency to snack away my anx­i­ety, but af­ter an es­pe­cially stress­ful win­ter, I’ve put on more than 20 pounds. Thing is, the more I try to dis­ci­pline my­self, the more anx­ious I get—so within a day (or even hours!) I’m dip­ping back into a bag of chips, a box of cook­ies or what­ever else I can find. Spring is com­ing and I need to get a han­dle on this fast! Please help!”

—Paul in a let­ter to the Ro­mans, 14:17

Wis­dom of the Word

For the king­dom of God is not a mat­ter of eat­ing and drink­ing but of righ­teous­ness and peace and joy in the

Holy Spirit. We un­der­stand and yet… We of­ten turn to false fixes like food, drink and shop­ping in times of stress. We know they’re no sub­sti­tute for the com­fort You of­fer. Why do we choose them over You?

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