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When you’re stressed, it’s as though you’re in a kind of fun house…sur­rounded by dis­trac­tions and dis­tor­tions of ev­ery kind. You’re daz­zled and con­fused by what you see and hear—both in­side and out­side your mind. When you’re in this state, you can’t hear or feel My quiet, joy­ous pres­ence within, and so you reach out­side your­self for some form of ar­bi­trary com­fort. This worldly sooth­ing makes you feel bet­ter for a minute—or 10—but then leaves you feel­ing emp­tier than be­fore. So you reach for an­other dis­trac­tion and you con­tinue rid­ing the worldly merry-go-round that leads…nowhere.

I ask you to get off that ride and take My hand and walk with Me to­ward the heart of your Fa­ther’s King­dom. You can break the dis­trac­tion cy­cle be­fore it starts by check­ing in with Me for five min­utes first thing in the morn­ing and/or just be­fore bed. By ded­i­cat­ing just a few min­utes to Me, you’ll re­align your­self with My peace, My love, My joy. You’ll learn to hear My voice and know My pres­ence within you so well, you will be able to find Me even when you’re caught up in a stress­ful sit­u­a­tion.

Do you have a few min­utes now to send Me a wave of love? Re­lax and en­joy the peace the Holy Spirit brings you. The joy­ous feel­ing you feel is Me in you. Make a note of that qual­ity of joy so you can reach for Me in your most fran­tic times. I am al­ways just a heart­beat away.

“As the liv­ing Fa­ther sent Me, and I live be­cause of the Fa­ther, so he who feeds on Me will live be­cause of Me.”

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