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Now, now…I must gen­tly urge you to take a look in the mir­ror. I am al­ways throw­ing down a life­line to you, but how of­ten do you take it? How of­ten do you fol­low through with what you hear in prayer? Please un­der­stand that My voice is soft around this: I love you more than you can com­pre­hend, and I for­give the way you so of­ten ig­nore the life­line that is —Je­sus lament­ing over

Jerusalem, Luke 13:34 NKJV al­ways there for you.

Still, you must wake up to the way that you turn away from My help: First, be­cause it will help you to be more aware of what you do, which will lead to ac­cept­ing more of what I of­fer; sec­ond, be­cause aware­ness of your own short­com­ings will deepen and open your heart in deal­ing with oth­ers who have sim­i­lar short­com­ings. You know what it feels like to know what will do you good and yet you refuse to do it. You, like ev­ery­one, of­ten turn away from your high­est good be­cause you feel un­wor­thy of it.

Please don’t al­low your sense of un­wor­thi­ness to keep you from ac­cept­ing My gift. Ac­cept the grace I suf­fered and died to bring you. Grab hold of the life­line I’ve given you and never let go. Join Me in your Fa­ther’s King­dom.

Can you send Me a wave of lov­ing, joy­ous grat­i­tude right now? Ahh…thank you. Re­lax and feel the Holy Spirit fill you with your Fa­ther’s peace and My love. As you let Us soften your heart, you’ll find your re­proach of oth­ers dis­solve and float away.

“How of­ten I wanted to gather your chil­dren to­gether, as a hen gath­ers her brood un­der her wings, but you were not will­ing!”

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