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“Dear Lord, as much as I loved rais­ing my kids, I al­ways looked for­ward to the days when I’d have more time to my­self. But now that those days have ar­rived, I’m feel­ing aim­less and adrift. Both my chil­dren are off to col­lege, and evenings and week­ends that used to be a whirlwind of ac­tiv­ity are empty and bor­ing—even cook­ing Sun­day din­ner makes me sad since it’s just my hus­band and me. I find my­self liv­ing for my chil­dren’s calls, and for times like the up­com­ing spring break when they’ll be home with me, then fall­ing into a funk for days when they leave again. Even worse is the re­al­iza­tion that within a few short years, they’ll be off on their own per­ma­nently. I can’t go on feel­ing like I’ve served my only pur­pose; I have far too many years left ahead of me! How do I put mean­ing back into my life now that I’m not a hands-on mom any­more?”

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