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My teach­ing to you is that you need to keep your heart open to­ward oth­ers. You must never al­low your own spirit to be clouded by ha­tred or sus­tained anger be­cause that ends up poi­son­ing you rather than harm­ing the one you’re an­gry with. You are to act to­ward oth­ers in a way that you would have them act to­ward you.

If a per­son is try­ing to dis­credit you, you do not want to dis­credit them back—that would dirty your heart—but you most cer­tainly want to speak truth. If they are act­ing from a place of ha­tred, you are do­ing them a fa­vor by speak­ing truth: You are lov­ing them enough to pull them away from what­ever de­mon (greed, am­bi­tion, self­ish­ness) has them in its grasp. If the truth has the side ef­fect of de­fend­ing you from their ac­cu­sa­tions, so be it. By draw­ing a line and speak­ing truth, you are help­ing your en­emy and so your heart re­mains pure…and you re­main in Me.

Do you have two min­utes? Send Me a beau­ti­ful, joy­ous wave of love. Feel your spirit lifted by the Holy Spirit and then bring your en­emy to mind and heart. Feel the sad­ness and des­per­a­tion that un­der­lies his ac­tions. Let your heart warm in car­ing for him. Imag­ine send­ing him a wave of lov­ing com­pas­sion. Once you feel con­fi­dent of hav­ing a pure and open heart to­ward your en­emy, you can speak truth with­out fear.

“For with what judg­ment you judge, you will be judged; and with the mea­sure you use, it will be mea­sured back to you.”

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