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“Dear Lord, be­ing de­tail-ori­ented has al­ways been a strength for me pro­fes­sion­ally, but now that my daugh­ter is in school, it’s turned me into a ter­ri­ble mother. Even when she was in preschool, I winced if she spelled some­thing wrong, though I was kind in cor­rect­ing her. But as she got older I got much worse: I’d make her do things over un­til there were no mis­takes, or take them away and do them my­self. I thought I was help­ing her reach her po­ten­tial, but two weeks ago while work­ing on a third­grade science project, she broke down in tears and apol­o­gized for not be­ing ‘good enough’! Though I’ve tried to be less over­bear­ing since then, I’m still fight­ing against my­self—my fin­gers lit­er­ally itch to snatch things from her and do them ‘right.’ If I don’t change, I’m go­ing to hurt my daugh­ter. How can I con­trol my ex­act­ing na­ture?”

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