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When you el­e­vate a skill or a tal­ent to a place that’s so high that you use it to judge oth­ers, you’ve made that skill or tal­ent a god. You hold it up as if to say, Yes, I’m un­wor­thy, but my abil­ity to do suc­hand-such off­sets that lack.

Then you ap­ply the stan­dard you set for your­self in the wake of this de­ter­mi­na­tion as a yard­stick to oth­ers.

This is more dan­ger­ous than you might think: Not only does your skill or tal­ent not bal­ance out your un­wor­thi­ness, trust­ing that it does pre­vents you from seek­ing what you truly need: re­demp­tion. And as you’ve found, ap­ply­ing a stan­dard to oth­ers re­lated to what you ex­cel at ends up feel­ing wrong and ul­ti­mately unlov­ing.

The so­lu­tion to your prob­lem can be found through Me. I see your un­wor­thi­ness, and I em­brace it with the grace that fully re­deems you.

The way out of judg­ing oth­ers on the ba­sis of your own strengths is to re­flect on what lies un­der your need to achieve per­fec­tion in some area…al­low those painful feel­ings of un­wor­thi­ness to rise. Let your heart swell when you con­sider that I see all of you, love all of you, re­deem all of you. Send Me that feel­ing of grate­ful love and feel the Holy Spirit lift your spirit. Rest in My arms and of­fer up what­ever as­pect of your­self you con­sider most un­wor­thy. What is dirty, I will make clean. What is bro­ken, I will make new. —Je­sus to the dis­ci­ples,

John 15:3–4

“Al­ready you are clean be­cause of the word that I have spo­ken to you. Abide in Me, and I in you.”

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