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“Dear Lord, though there was never much love lost be­tween my mother-in-law and me, now that her health is fail­ing, I’m rid­dled with re­gret. She al­ways doted on my hus­band’s brother and his fam­ily while all but ig­nor­ing mine, so by the time my kids were old enough to be hurt by her fa­voritism, I started nur­tur­ing thoughts of how she’d have to ‘eat crow’ some­day. Just as I pre­dicted, her fa­vored son had no time for her once she got sick, so my hus­band stepped in—and when­ever we stop by to take care of her, I feel sick in­side. It’s ob­vi­ous how sorry she is for her mis­takes; she thanks my hus­band and me con­stantly, and I can see the pain that his brother’s re­jec­tion is caus­ing her. I can’t be­lieve I ever rel­ished the idea of see­ing her like this, and my guilt over wish­ing it on her grows heav­ier with each visit. Please help!”

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