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As you go through your worldly life, your ex­pe­ri­ences leave tracks on your mind, heart and spirit. Whether it’s guilt over some­thing you’ve done, a stub­born opin­ion you refuse to change or a grudge against an­other that you just won’t let go, these tracks end up shap­ing you…and lim­it­ing you.

You cling to your guilt and shame be­cause your nat­u­ral ten­dency is to hold on to these tracks and fol­low them over and over.

You feel a mis­guided sense of se­cu­rity when you take refuge in your guilt, your anger, your firmly held opin­ion. You be­lieve these things show you the way. In truth, there is no se­cu­rity in emo­tions or opin­ions of any kind. There is no way there: Your only se­cu­rity lies in let­ting go of fixed worldly an­chors so you can be ever-new in Me.

How do you wipe out those marks? Sim­ply call out to Me in love and re­quest in all hu­mil­ity that these tracks be erased. Ask, Je­sus take away my guilt: I don’t need it any­more. Re­lax your body and let thoughts fall away. Rest in the Holy Spirit, and I, through Him, will make you new again, clean again, in­no­cent like a child again.

I ask you to take a leap of faith: to trust in Me rather than the tracks of your own ex­pe­ri­ence. I want you to feel how your spirit can be more like the sky than the mud road. You can be ever-chang­ing, ever-beau­ti­ful and ev­er­sur­pris­ing once you trust be­ing you in Me. —Je­sus to the dis­ci­ples,

Matthew 18:3

“Truly, I say to you, un­less you turn and be­come like chil­dren, you will never en­ter the king­dom of heaven.”

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