Simple Grace - - You’re Never Alone -

“He was about 4 years old and his hair was the shade of a cof­fee bean. He wore a white T-shirt, baggy dun­ga­rees and a lit­tle pair of sus­penders. Who he was, I had no idea, but for some rea­son this lit­tle boy had been ap­pear­ing in my dreams for weeks. Ev­ery night, I’d see him smil­ing at me, some­times crin­kling his nose and gig­gling. I felt very pro­tec­tive of him and would wake up feel­ing like I had left some­thing un­fin­ished. Who is he, Lord? What does it mean? I’d pray, long­ing for an­swers.

“One af­ter­noon, as I walked back to my of­fice af­ter pick­ing up lunch, I no­ticed a lit­tle boy com­ing to­ward me with his mother. The white shirt. The dark hair. The baggy jeans. My heart jumped as I re­al­ized it was the same boy from my dreams. I slowed my steps, feel­ing the same pow­er­ful surge of pro­tec­tion.

Just then, he spot­ted a dog across the street and darted into the road with­out look­ing. In a flash, I ran and scooped him up just as a car whizzed by inches from us.

“His mother, who had been look­ing at her cell phone, ran to us and swept the boy into her arms. She choked, clearly emo­tional. ‘If you weren’t there, I could have lost him for­ever.’

“I went a bit weak in the knees, but then felt God’s stead­fast arms up­lift me. The boy smiled and crin­kled his nose with a gig­gle…and I knew with­out a doubt that I was ex­actly where God wanted me to be.”

—Jill Nor­ton, 39, Bakersfield, CA

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