Simple Grace - - You’re Never Alone -

“It had been only a cou­ple of weeks since my mother passed away from can­cer and I was still in a daze. She was my world, my com­forter, my teacher, my friend…the per­son who had loved me the most in this world. I tried to think of her, happy in Heaven with God, and I be­lieved that she was. But I also stub­bornly wanted her back.

“One af­ter­noon, as my loss sur­rounded me like a heavy shroud, my heart ached so badly that the only thing I could do was to get down on my knees and ask for com­fort. God, please help me through this grief and pain, I prayed. I can’t seem to let her go. She was my mom. She was my an­gel on Earth.

“Right when I fin­ished that thought, I heard some­thing drop to the floor with a thud from my bed­room dresser. I turned around and saw an en­ve­lope of coupons my mother had left for me dur­ing her last visit. I hadn’t opened it and it had since got­ten lost un­der a pile of pa­pers.

How did it fall to the floor?

I thought as I picked it up. To my sur­prise, I felt some­thing heavy in­side. There, among the hand­ful of coupons my mom had so neatly clipped,

I was stunned to find a beau­ti­ful pewter an­gel pin. En­graved on the back were the words, You are loved. Shak­ing, I clenched the pin in my hand and let cleans­ing tears fall. I’d never felt God’s pres­ence as strongly as I did in that mo­ment, and the sense of peace and love was so pow­er­ful that it took my breath away.

“Now I wear my an­gel pin ev­ery day to re­mind me that even when we lose some­one close to us, we can never lose that pre­cious bond of love.”

—Loretta Chaney, 55, Austin, TX

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