Simple Grace - - Letter From The Editor -

Dear child, thank you for notic­ing the ap­par­ent con­tra­dic­tion be­tween see­ing the world for what it is and lov­ing your neigh­bor. Thank you for not blindly fall­ing into an easy pos­ture of self-righ­teous­ness.

It sounds as though you’ve al­lowed My

Helper, the Holy Spirit, to bring clar­ity to your mind but not your heart. This can hap­pen when you view prayer as mainly some­thing you “think.” In truth, prayer is best led by the heart. That is why I com­manded you to love your Fa­ther rather than to merely “think good thoughts” about Him.

Imag­ine love as a cool, clean stream flow­ing di­rectly from your Fa­ther through Me to you. Imag­ine kneel­ing at the rocky bank, bow­ing your head and dip­ping your hands to cup a bit of wa­ter to drink. When you’re drink­ing from this stream—when you’re lov­ing your Fa­ther, Me, the Spirit or one an­other—you’re one with Me as I am one with your Fa­ther. When you’re drink­ing from this stream, you be­come a con­duit of My love.

The way out of your dilemma: See past your neigh­bors’ mis­takes to the bro­ken part of them that is caus­ing them to boast. Open your heart and send out My liv­ing wa­ter in the form of your heart’s com­pas­sion to soothe their hurt, to mend their bro­ken­ness. The more of My wa­ter you give, the much more you will re­ceive. —Je­sus to the crowd,

John 7:37–38 NKJV

“If any­one thirsts, let him come to Me and drink. He who be­lieves in Me, as the Scrip­ture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of liv­ing wa­ter.”

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