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Dear child, it is not the amount you give that mat­ters; but rather, the amount of open­ness of your heart. When you give from a place of poverty, you con­trib­ute more to your Fa­ther’s trea­sure than when you give from a place of wealth. This is true of money, and it’s equally true of love and care.

When you’re beaten down and yet still you com­fort your neigh­bor, you’re act­ing from a place of emo­tional and spir­i­tual poverty. You’re giv­ing all you have, which cleans your heart of any lin­ger­ing anger or greed or mis­taken feel­ings. And with a clean heart comes clean eyes, which let in more of the light your Fa­ther and I have to be­stow on you. Re­ceiv­ing Our light, in turn, helps keep your heart pure.

So please do not waste even a mo­ment sham­ing your­self over the tan­gi­ble to­tal of your con­tri­bu­tions. In­stead, feel glad of what you have given on the in­tan­gi­ble level—your Fa­ther’s level—and con­sider giv­ing more in the form of gra­cious, lov­ing prayers for the well-be­ing of oth­ers.

Do you have time now? Close your eyes, still your mind and re­lease any ten­sion in your body. Join with Me in love and feel the Holy Spirit lift your spirit in joy. Ask Me what your heart hopes for, like, Je­sus, please send Your heal­ing nour­ish­ment to those who are poor and hun­gry. Feel My love fill you up and imag­ine it trav­el­ing through you (thanks to the Spirit) to those in need. You’ll see the world more clearly and cleanly from your lovely place in Me.

“But give as alms those things that are within, and be­hold, ev­ery­thing is clean for you.”

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