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Dear child, thank you for hav­ing the open­ness and trust in Me to iden­tify the van­ity that led you slightly astray. Charm and at­trac­tive­ness are so su­per­fi­cial that they can end up work­ing in de­ceit­ful ways. You can cer­tainly cul­ti­vate these qual­i­ties in your­self but know that they are ul­ti­mately mean­ing­less in and of them­selves. Beauty only takes on mean­ing when the in­side in­forms the out­side. Your Fa­ther sees your in­sides as clearly as He does your out­sides, for He made both. When who you are out­side matches who you are in­side, you’ve achieved true beauty.

Still—no mat­ter—when some­one vi­o­lates you, it is the per­son who com­mits the ac­tion who de­files him­self: You re­main clean. You must not blame your­self be­cause your out­side seemed to cause some­thing in an­other per­son’s in­side to lash out. This holds true not only for at­trac­tive­ness but also in terms of the color of your skin or other as­pects of your ap­pear­ance like age and weight.

You are a beau­ti­ful child of a mer­ci­ful Fa­ther. You are com­pletely loved—in­side and out. Please walk in this love with­out self-con­dem­na­tion or fear. If you make an er­ror, call on Me in love and con­fess your mis­take and it will be re­moved from your spirit. If an­other makes an er­ror to­ward you, for­give as quickly and cleanly as you can. —Je­sus to the crowd,

Mark 7:15 NKJV

“There is noth­ing that en­ters a man from out­side which can de­file him; but the things which come out of him, those are the things that de­file a man.”

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