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“Dear Lord, there’s a mom at my son’s school I’ve tried to be friendly with, but for some rea­son she loves to em­bar­rass me: We worked on a fall book fair and she deemed me ‘math chal­lenged’ be­cause I dou­ble-checked my fig­ures on each sale; then I brought cook­ies to a class­room party and she asked if I cooked bet­ter than I added. Well, now we’re do­ing a spaghetti din­ner, and she’s been rav­ing about the sauce she’s go­ing to make. But when I ran into her hus­band while pick­ing up our kids last week, I men­tioned his kitchen was go­ing to be busy and he told me a lo­cal restau­rant was mak­ing it! Since then, I’ve been rel­ish­ing thoughts of ask­ing for her recipe in front of ev­ery­one at the din­ner tonight. I’m not try­ing to be petty, but be­ing nice hasn’t stopped this woman from com­ing at me. Isn’t a small dose of her own medicine worth a try?”

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