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Dear child, since what you pro­pose is fo­cused on re­veal­ing and ex­pos­ing some­thing that is true, it isn’t a griev­ous er­ror. But as you al­ready sense, it will be sow­ing the seed of com­pe­ti­tion and envy in your heart—and try­ing to outdo your neigh­bor will yield no more than chas­ing af­ter the wind.

If you think of your heart as a raised gar­den bed with clear bound­aries, you’ll re­al­ize that ev­ery weed dis­places some­thing your Fa­ther prizes. Whether it’s the rose of His love or the lily of His peace or the let­tuce of His gen­tle­ness or the car­rot of His faith­ful­ness, your Fa­ther’s seeds bear sweet fruit. Do you re­ally want the bindweed of your grasp­ing, the thorn of your ir­ri­tabil­ity or the this­tle of your anger to steal pre­cious re­sources? No, you want to tend your plot care­fully: weed­ing out what is planted by your lesser na­ture to bet­ter grow the seeds that come from your Fa­ther’s higher na­ture to beau­ti­ful fruition.

Do you have a few min­utes to wel­come My Helper to sow your plot and bring you new seeds? Just close your eyes and let your wor­ries fall away. Think of Me and feel your heart smile. Send Me your joy­ous, lov­ing feel­ing in words or with word­less emo­tion. Feel your spirit lift as the Holy Spirit brings you ev­ery­thing you need to grow a gar­den of Eden in­side your lovely self. —Je­sus to the dis­ci­ples,

Matthew 13:23 NKJV

“But he who re­ceived seed on the good ground is he who hears the word and un­der­stands it, who in­deed bears fruit and pro­duces.”

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