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Dear child, I’m sorry for your pain. It’s nat­u­ral to want to be ac­cepted by your fam­ily and peers, and I know first­hand how much it hurts to feel re­jected and mis­un­der­stood.

But there’s a hid­den gift in any sit­u­a­tion in which your choices are not em­braced by oth­ers: You have an op­por­tu­nity to turn to your Fa­ther and Me for nour­ish­ment and ap­proval. In do­ing so, you re­ceive the food that en­dures to eter­nal life rather than that which per­ishes.

When you are re­ly­ing on oth­ers for ap­proval, you’re like a but­ter­fly caught in a net: You turn this way and some dis­ap­prove; you turn that way and oth­ers scowl. You end up fly­ing back and forth, ex­haust­ing your­self but get­ting nowhere.

Ask for My help and the Holy Spirit will show you the way out of the net into the clear, blue sky. He will be the wind un­der your wings as you ex­plore with con­fi­dence. When you fly back to the net, you’ll be on the other side, freely of­fer­ing love and com­pas­sion to your fam­ily in­stead of trapped and wor­ry­ing you are a dis­ap­point­ment.

Do you have a few min­utes to break free from what’s bind­ing you now? Gather all the love, joy and grat­i­tude your heart holds for Me, then send it to Me in prayer. Re­lax in our lov­ing com­mu­nion as the Holy Spirit sets your spirit free from hurt and fear. —Je­sus to the Jews,

John 5:44

“How can you be­lieve, when you re­ceive glory from one an­other and do not seek the glory that comes from the only God?”

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